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SnakeChaitu n Sam divorce issues


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3 hours ago, chinnapillalabandi said:

Max vidipovachu

No way they bond eachother

Differences ekkadochayo

GA lo article varaku vachindhantey ika almost divorce pakkaa



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4 hours ago, Sputnik said:

Aa ammai antha well off kadhu anukunta. Aa pelli lo kuda Mohan Babu's attitude towards the bride and her parents was different. I felt that.

Yes ento asalu ah pellilo ah ammai vala

mom and dad ni edho namkevasthey laga chusaru. Intlo kuda show off chesademo. Vedu full drinker nakithey vedu tagudu vere alavatlu evevo bayatpadi untaye. Chaala try chesadu vedu ah ammai tho reconcile cheyataniki kani ah ammai anthala hurt indhantey inka vedu e rakamga hurt chesado

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5 hours ago, Sputnik said:

They're Aishwarya and Abhishek of Tollywood

Ah pair mokam lo epudu hapoiness chudale. Sas bahu ki asalu padadhu. Papam shes suffering vadikemo identity criris.

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5 hours ago, hydusguy said:

may be bcoz family man bold scenes.

once u r married either wife or hubby should duscuss if other is fine for those. mostly sam adagaledu aemo.

same happd for nadia, preethi i think... aedo movie lo saif, preethi full steamy scenes unde

Antha bold em chesindi family man lo ?

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3 hours ago, rightwar said:

basically nag chai gadu richest in hyd and owner of hyd most prime land. vadiki hottest most beautiful girls vastharu. ippudu sam  agreed she was very cute during initial days and ofcourse way more talented than chai but overall she doesnt really measure up

unless chai deeply loves sam its very easy to lose interest in her and this could be the main reason. amala let nag have tabu,anushka so chai might have thought he could do the same but sam being staunch feminist is a prob for him

what a dumb comment. who says feminists aren't up for 3somes?

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4 minutes ago, quickgun_murugun said:

Antha bold em chesindi family man lo ?

deleted kada.. so we donno..   thats a problem..

aina chaitu cannot manage sam .. both are diff

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1 minute ago, vaakel_saab said:

entha asthi ravochu sam ki... properties meedha oka conclusion vaddam inka

em raadhu. She makes more than her husband. vaadu adakkuntey saalu.

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