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Returned from India last week!


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1 hour ago, siru said:

nie chala easy ga istunaru ga.. naku 1 day lo vachindi from dehi consulate 

only nie ki applied aa or along with stamping aa?

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8 hours ago, kitkat said:

manasu emi baaleedu bhayya. I had good time,good food . dad vadileesi vastuntee chaala heart ache anipinchindi.

can't forget his face during sendoff. unable to focus or be stable.

na pellam matram bhayya....so happy to see her shopping stuff etc. generally women are sentimental antaru, I don't see that at all.

ma sister kuda anthee, manam dooram vachama parents ee pamparu ani saripedutundi.

3 days ga roju evening mandu kodutunna bhayya to overcome this feeling....


If you are financially ok then just leave US and go. Nenu kuda veladam le anukune vaanni but both my parents expired and I realise that I couldn't do anything. US comforts untai and it gives some boost to our ego. Money kuda baagane untadi but happiness undadu. India lo unnanta sepu idi na place ane satisfaction untadi, chaala lively ga untaadi. US lo anta mechanical after few years tirigi chuste we realise we missed our life. Friends oka vela meeru konchem sensitive and emotional aithe just go back to India for good.

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3 hours ago, Sputnik said:

LOL he has been visiting mine too.

Maree psycho gadi laga okaeroju 4 to 5 times visiting.



3 hours ago, Ellen said:

naadi kuda


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