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AP need to pay 42000 cr interest per year


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27 minutes ago, nuvvu_naakina_paalem said:


picha lite

less education cost

less cost entertainment

1 cent house n option to sell

ammavodi asara rythu bharosa arogyasri 

evado appu kadithey maku endhuku va aantunna majority public



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42,000 crores ae Na ?

Dead seap..

oka year farm loan waiver …or four times pasupu kumkuma…or one world class capital..

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47 minutes ago, nuvvu_naakina_paalem said:

Adhi interest ra munda 

Sarigga chaduv

Menu chepindi kuda Ade ra laude ke baal…

naaki naaki mothaniki naakipoinav

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4 hours ago, AgnathaVasii said:

Motham 6L kada.. Ahh 42,000 interest  lo mana baboru chesindi entha

90k cr - cbn govt and previous share from conbined ap 


Baaboru kudipinchesadu antava? 

Jaggadu 5.1lakh crores+ lo surround dngudu dengthunnadu vinu @3.35

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14 hours ago, nuvvu_naakina_paalem said:


Lol Comments 

Maku mundhe telusu state ki e gathi paduthundi ani meku time pattindi medhavi garu @3$%

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