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Genuine Question - Does anyone here smoke aakulu???


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i hope you get it....does anyone smoke stuff here?? 

i am always afraid from an immigration stand point......any suggestions please 


i married, we both booze together,  but i want to try leaves....i don't smoke tobacco and have never tried it too 

but i want to do the leaves, drinking is getting expensive bhaya

though this is would be a good place to ask


lets go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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6 minutes ago, Anta Assamey said:

Meeku teliyadu ani kaadu... Do not smoke its not good for health ani ...5gavml.gif

its the best/health/clean way to get high.....no health issues at ll, much better to body than alcohol 

since i drink, i think this switch will be better for my health 

PS: Smoking tobacco is bad for you health, and that i dont do 

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