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Dont Insult Rich Audience - Nani


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On 12/23/2021 at 5:07 AM, reality said:

asalu veedi cinemalu theatre lo kuda chusthara?? veedu konchem ekkuva expect cheskuni audience ni humiliate chesthunnadu..

Sham singha roy choodocha inthaki? 

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8 hours ago, tennisluvrredux said:

Sham singha roy choodocha inthaki? 

Rotta… as expected.

but ended up watching in theatre when we were in Dallaspuram…

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6 minutes ago, tennisluvrredux said:

Yadano theda kodatandi chinna

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sai fallavi dance ferformances bagunnai anna 

naani as SSR, fighting for social justice scenes awesome I say.

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