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SVP is good, watched yesterday - loan kattali ra sujana


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Sarkaaru Vaari Paata: Negative Talk Turned Into Blockbuster Talk

Article by B.H Prasad Published on: 9:26 pm, 14 May 2022


What is the realistic situation of Mahesh Babu’s latest release “Sarkaaru Vaari Paata” at the box office? Well, going by the numbers it looks like the weekend will be semi-solid, but then, only some shows are getting housefull and it will be tough to recover the total Rs 120 crores investment poured by the distributors for theatrical rights. But the producers have something else to say.

A while ago, one of the producers of the film, Mythri Movie Makers, tweeted that the negative talk in the form of hashtag trends on Twitter has now turned into ‘BlockbusterSVP’ tag and evening shows are turning out to be housefull everywhere. Whether this would be agreed by film lovers or not, the makers of the film are strongly believing that they have scored a super hit film.

On the other hand, hiked ticket prices are one of the reasons for many families not stepping into theatres of SVP, though the film has a mixed talk. If the ticket prices are low, surely many audiences would love to catch up with the Superstar swag on the silver screen, but with each ticket priced at more than Rs 250 in bigger centers like Hyderabad, everyone is waiting for the Prime Video streaming of the movie, isn’t it?

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27 minutes ago, Netflixmovieguz said:

From the intial days, pawala and lolbob have some disagreements.

ade endhuku??


vadu elagu chesedi remakes e kada

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yes bro main ga a scene ayete super ga undi

a okka scene vallane cinema bb ani na friends kuda antunaru

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