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Is India better than US for kids to grow


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20 hours ago, anna_gari_maata said:

Next 50 yrs lo scene vere untadi wait chey...dollar hegemony under trouble

appativaraku andaru dabbulu sampadinchukoni mingestaru, telusuga manolla sangati

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4 hours ago, Manishican said:

Climate koncham tough. Contracting lo decent billing. Contracts lo you pay only 10% tax (excluding expenses) Retirement benefits are good even if you haven't worked a single day in Canada.

Bro how you pay only 10% contracting lo? Upfront 10% cut ayi remaining amount end of Tax year lo file chestava?

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1 minute ago, islander said:

Bro how you pay only 10% contracting lo? Upfront 10% cut ayi remaining amount end of Tax year lo file chestava?

For small business the tax rate is only around 10%

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4 hours ago, sarvayogi said:

ikkada shooting ainappudu drawyer tearing fans and patriots chese hadavidi as usual..ade mana deggara jarige dadidrams and darunams time lo evadu matladadu..piccha lite

any day you feel vomerica more safe and secure...

simple answer..night 2 ki ammai ni aapina cop here will ask license docs and leave

ade mana deggara killi namulutu entaki vastav ani icche look okati untadi and malla punch dialogue "vastava brothel case lo book cheyyamantava"

inka vaddu le aa chendalamaina discussions

2001 towers koolipoina next day also all airports in india that have flights traveling to USA are full..ee lolli anta one or two days..have been in the country since worst incidents like virginal tech right after few days of me entering country until 2 days back saw 100s of these incidents nothing changes ..everytiem same everyone talks NRA and 2nd amendment etc .few days everything back to normal..

In texas collin county most schools have assigned cops at the entrance of school and all kids know the name of cop and have scured entry to school even parents visit school have to show ID and only enter after proper validation..so atleast that make me bit safe about sending kids school in collin county

India vellai anukunteodu potadu ..ikkada undali anukuntodu untadu..these incidents heart breaking but has 0 impacts on migration or reverse migration..just mana desi galla vignana pradarshana tappa emi undadu..

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