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Kishan Modugumudi mana Chicago Telugu Tejam gurthunnada? Back in News now.


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Sreeraj Chennuppati, Defendant
Vebha Jayam, Defendant
Vibha Jayam, Defendant
Kishan Modugumudi, Defendant
Chandra Kala Purnima Modugumudi, Defendant
Raju, Defendant
Vebha, Defendant
USA, Plaintiff

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 Fifth, the Court has appointed two attorneys to represent Ms. Modugumudi a rare order in appointed counsel cases.



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4 hours ago, kittaya said:

Investigators were able to stop the attempt after they intercepted emails he had sent to an Indian reporter from the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Chicago, according to prosecutors.


vaadu akkada nundi email chesadu antaa motta gaadu 

Yeah, what is the guarantee that he will keep quiet? He can meet any visitor and leak details and still blackmail

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Hope the fuckers land in prison. And I hope this Kishan guy becomes a prison bitch - which he most likely will be since you get protection in prisons based on your race and there are hardly any Indian gangs in US prisons.

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On 6/5/2022 at 11:57 AM, kevinUsa said:

[7/20/2018, 8:13 PM] K: anusuya 


hebba patel



[7/20/2018, 8:13 PM] K: Pranitha  5k

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Pragya Jaiswal          2.5k

Madhavi latha            2k

Anisha Ambrose        2k

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7 Pinky                ----

8 Anchor Lasya          2.5k

9 Bindhu madhavi      3k   

10 Anchor Srimukhi    1-3.5k

Kaka hotel la idly sambar rates lekka manchiga petnav bhai

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