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Back the F#ck Up | Stop your F#cking Car | F#cking P#ssy | American Gunner Pulls Sidearm on IRAQI Civilian Driver Closely Following a MRAP (Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected) vehicle | Convoys typically have placards "Stay back 100 mts or you will be SHOT"


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A convoy on patrol had a civilian vic pull to close to the rear of an MRAP so they ordered him to stop and backup. Instead of the civ doing that he continued to tail the MRAP which then caused a broken windsheild and 9 mil to the face. He didn't move after that because he was too busy cleaning his out of his vic.


For anybody who doesnt know why he didnt just aim a rifle or the MG at them. As far as being in a country like this seeing people walking around with rifles and long guns, its a normal thing almost. Whenever somebody pulls out a handgun, thats when people start getting shot or executed. Its a weird stigma in these countries. Obviously im sure any person would be alarmed if you aimed any weapon at them long gun or not, a handgun is seen as more personal.
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