Inkem Inkem Inkem Kaavaale tutorial

By MobileMusic, 09/25/2018

If you are interested in learning how to play the super-hit "Inkem Inkem Inkem Kaavaale" song, I've just posted a SLOW (half-speed) and SLOWER (quarter-speed) TUTORIAL videos onto my YouTube channel.

You might have tried learning from other basic, rudimentary tutorials. Now, try these comprehensive and FULL song tutorials covering everything - showing keyboard notes using accurate and expressive playing along with all the dynamics to make it sound as natural as the original song. This is a very COMPLEX, special and beautiful song with a smart and seamless FUSION of multiple scales/ragas into a single song!! There are a lot of surprise notes and twists in the song that you will come to know when you play it back :)

As this song is a bit faster than a dance beat at 137 BPM, I've uploaded SLOW (half-speed) version of the video to play along and practice comfortably. I suggest that you start with SLOW version and graduate later to NORMAL speed so the progress is gradual and natural.

SLOW - Inkem Inkem Inkem Kaavaale - Tutorial video

Also note that accuracy is more important than speed and speed will come with practice. So, the fastest way to learn is to practice as slowly as possible and shoot for accuracy. Songs sound great when they are accurate with all the variations and dynamics.

The NORMAL speed instrumental cover song is posted here. If you practice and master the above SLOW/SLOWER songs, it would eventually sound like the NORMAL one below  (!! :)) because all of these are from the same project except for their playback speeds:

Original Tempo: 137 BPM
Time Signature: 4/4

More cover song tutorials on my branded YouTube channel at -

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Shekar Reddy
Mobile Music channel
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