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By Saatyaki, 08/05/2019

After 11 long years our Judiciary has unraveled the crime story behind the veil of copyrights. In my interview ( by Prof.Satyanarayana , Present V.C , Telugu University ) I said the document produced by that lady is a Palace Intrigue and it is vindicated conclusively by the Forensic Analysis and the court. This proves that Father is innocent. He did not yield to her untold pressure and torture. Today this news item has appeared in Eenadu and Sakshi papers in their state pages , Page No 6 in Eenadu and Page 2 in Sakshi. I hereby attach 3 important pages of 19 page long Court Judgment . Visionary Poet of the Millennium An Indian poet Prophet Seshendra Sharma October 20th, 1927 - May 30th, 2007 eBooks :

SESHENDRA SARMA's copyrights belongto his son Satyaki only: Indira Dhanrajgir submitted a fake document --------------- Hyderabad (Aadab Hyderabad): In 1989 eminent poet Guturu Seshendra Sarma gave away the copyrights of all his works to his son Satyaki as a birthday gift. Immediately on his demise in 2007, those rights fell into a vortex. Indira Dhanrajgir created a false document that Seshendra Sarma was her husband and that he had delegated the copyrights to her . She submitted this fake document to the court. She got Seshendra's epic 'naa desam, naa prajalu' published by Neelkamal Publications by paying money. Satyaki filed a petition in the city civil court of Hyderabad that this is a violation of the rights given to him by his father. After 10 years the Court gave its judgment in 2018. Justice Dr N.V. Vidya Natha Reddy gave a clear cut judgment. In his judgement he declared that all the copyrights of Seshendra belong to his son Satyaki . The sensational issue in this judgement is the sending of Indira Dhanrajgir's statement -that Seshendra was her husband and that he gave away the copyrights of his works to her - for a forensic analysis by the Court. The Telangana Forensic Laboratory submitted its report that the document is fake and Seshandra did not sign the document but his signature taken from elsewhere was pasted therein. Justice Vidya Natha Reddy accepted the analysis of the forensic department and delivered his judgement based on it. Sathyaki filed a caveat in the High Court on May 2 to prevent Indira Dhanrajgir or her followers filing an appeal in the court. (Aadab Hyderabad : Telugu News Paper : 16th may 2018 ) ------------------- LITERATURE IS PEOPLE'S WEALTH NOT THAT PERSONAL PROPERTY OF ANY ONE ---------- In modern literature Seshendra is a blockbuster; he was a vortex in the field of poetry. Even after his demise, he continued to be the centre of a sensational buzz. The controversy over his copyrights raised such a thrilling sensation. The Hyderabad City Civil Court recently gave its judgment. While declaring that Seshendra's copyrights belong to his son, Saatyaki, it exposed his opponent, Indira Dhanrajgir's criminal conspiracy. Here is an interview held with Saatyaki against this background. Q: How did this controversy begin? A: I didn't imagine that my father's gift would create so much crisis and agony for me. I only thought that it would enable me to bring all his works within the reach of the public at some stage. But I did realize one thing when he was on his deathbed; this would enable me to prevent one individual, especially the one who caused maximum harm to him, from misusing his works for false publicity. Anyone could notice these two angles during the 11 years' time after my father's death. Q. How come Indira Dhanrajgir became your opponent? A: This role as well as her behaviour is her own choice; this is the basic contradiction of our relationship. My aim is to reprint my father's works for the benefit of all; her anxiety is to get his works published by herself with the sole intention of getting publicity mileage as his wife. Q: Why do you talk of publicity? A: Right from the beginning, there had been a special page of 'dedication' in every book; this contained the wording 'wife, Rajakumari Indira Devi Dhanrajgir (Where as in Makhdoom Hohiuddin’s books her name appears as Kumari Indira Dhanrajgir)'. There was also a foreword written by someone in her name. Isn't this for publicity? Even now her crying is not for his writings but for not having a special page with her name. Those women who filled the pages of history sacrificed their lives happily for the sake of their husband’s honour and reputation. But they never sought publicity for themselves. For the sake of claiming her share in her father's property, this lady is sacrificing my father's life and his literary works. Soon after my father's demise, an article 'Who are the heirs of Seshendra?" revealing all these aspects appeared. When Vijayababu was Editor, this was published in 'Andhra Prabha' Telugu News Paper . Q. Which crime perspective was revealed by the Court's judgement? A. By giving a donation of six lakhs to Telugu University, she tried to get my father's books reprinted by it. She submitted a document to the University showing that my father gave her copyrights. When I sent them a legal notice, Telugu University returned her the money as well as the document. For the last 11 years under her pressure I thought that my father really gave her copyrights. The Court, however, sent the document to Telangana Forensic Laboratory. The Forensic Department submitted a detailed report saying that the document is fake and my father's signature was taken from elsewhere and pasted therein. The Judge in his judgment mentioned all these aspects in detail. Q. A few interviews given by Indiraji in Telugu have appeared recently. Have you seen them? A. Of course, I've seen them. She doesn't know Telugu alphabets. So , undoubtedly they're cooked by Her Majesty’s Court Canines . That is the origin of these interviews. The 93-year old lady who doesn't know Telugu alphabets has directly given rebirth to an Editor of Telugu News Daily paper as her Domestic Canine. That's her razakar skill. There's a limit to putting a sack of lies on the head of a reader. Introducing herself in a poets' meet.. that too in the august presence of PV Narasimharao in 1960 in Hyderabad ! Fantastic fiction! My father worked as Municipal Commissioner during 1960 - 65 in Gudur, Chittoor, Ongole and Kadapa; he was transferred to Hyderabad in 1966. Prior to '66 my father he did not come to Hyderabad either officially or unofficially. What was Her Majesty’s life during this period? She was having a love affair with the revolutionary poet Makhdhoom Mohiuddin. He wrote several ghazals on love and dedicated one each to her every day. I secured its manuscript and published its scanned Copy under the tile 'Chupa Makhdoom'. She made his son Nusrat Mohiuddin to file a police report against me. She reminisced her love affair with Mukhdoom in Aivan E Urdu Idaaraa's Sab Ras, a literary monthly under the title 'Yaadein'. You can see the video in Youtube made in February '18 by Hindi Poet Manish Gupta when she was 93. In this 30 minutes video she fervently recalled her romantic relationship with Late. Makhdoom . Q. What is your real objection to her interviews? A. No, I don't have any objection. When a Court passes its judgement and reveals a crime element over the copyrights of an eminent poet after 10 years, instead of doing his primary job of highlighting the judgement for the sake of serving the field of publications and the society at large , the Editor chose to hush up the matter; he published her interview mixed with a colour of love poetry, love marriage; this shows’ honourable’ editor’s his lack of basic sense of duty and culture Q. What's this engagement with Patiala Prince? A. This is a cock and bull story. She was married to Srikishan Seth, the nephew of Maharaj Kishan Prashad, Nizam's Prime Minister in 1945. On the very day of her marriage, she ran away from home after thrashing him. Since then she has been after married men under the garb of love poetry and literature. PV Narasimha Rao and Jalagam Vengal Rao were not prominent politicians during 1960-66. PV became Minister for Education around '67; during '73-77 Jalagam was Chief Minister; both of them were constantly busy in serving Indira Gandhi. Thus they had no role to play in our Indira's street play. Since she would not receive her share in her father's property as unmarried woman, she staged the wedding drama which didn't have blessings from any one. Her father as well as her younger brothers always moved with guns to shoot her and her 'husband’. This situation obtains to this day. This sad state of affairs subjected my father to an untold misery, both physically and mentally. Finally in 2007, she stopped giving him medical treatment and caused his death. Q. What is your final statement? A. From times immemorial, literature, sciences and all intellectual wealth have been the property of the society. This is an historical truth. Literature is people's property; it belongs to the entire society; it belongs to people only and it’s not the personal property of one individual. - Shubhashree Sahithi ( Aadab Hyderabad : Telugu News Paper:18th June 2018 )

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