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2 Pay Cheques At Same Time

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Hi all,


In H1B if we have a 2 pay rolls at a time for just only one billing cycle i.e (15 days) is it fine ?



I have employer A running pay roll and employer B offered me a full-time job. 


clients for employer A and B is different. 


When H1B transfer is in process with Employer B, they have run a payroll for 5 days which I have worked. 


Then due to some issues I haven't shifted to employer B. 

Now staying with Employer A.



When Employer B ran a payroll for one week ( they are weekly basis payroll) at the same month on 15th day employer A also have runned payroll. 


Now I have a pay cheque of employer B which he has give just for one week. Please tell me any consequences if I deposit this cheque ?

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Veldhamani anukuntunna february lo. Okavela ee cheque deposit cheskuntey Stamping ki vellinappudu  enduku 2nd pay roll run ayyindhi ani aduguthaada ? ah bhayam tho ney inka cheque veskoledhu. Ina cheque veskunna veskokapoina payroll ithey run ipoindhi kabatti vaadi daggara strong proof untundhi stamping reject cheyyadaniki. Correct me if i am wrong.


should not be a problem bro ..nuv stamping ki emanna veltunnava 


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1099 antey tax forms ah ? adhi W4 anukunta kadha.... okavela employer B ( who is not my h1b- sponser) 1099 form ivvanu ani cheppina lekaothey mails ki reply ivvaka poina inka nenu ah cheque ni light teeskovadamey na...  deposit cheyyakunda vadileyyadamey kadha 


as long as the employer, who is not your h1b sponsor, can give you a 1099 you should be good. LTT


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