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Why uday kiran marriage broken with konidela daughter?


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8 hours ago, anna_returns_1 said:

aboo abbo aha aha..

If thats the case then his movie offers wouldnt have stopped. 

Pakodi life chusthunana, lol vallu cinema lo act sesthay memu devullu semigods anukovali 

valla marriages aythy ani channels live ivali but valla pelli petakulu aythy matram matladakodaha nice,

Inni telisayi ante endhuku cancel ayindho Adhi kooda cheppu 

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14 minutes ago, bhaigan said:

Aunty covering enduku chesthadi bhayya, She is his only sister

meeru marara bhayya eppudu itlanti stories cookup chesthune untara

baa janaalu vallu nammali anukunnadhe vallu nammuthaaru... valla sontha akka vacchi cheppindhi..

ledha chanipoyina Uk lechi vacchi cheppina vinaru...

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Just now, futureofandhra said:

thats what i thought


but ...limited actor baa anavasaramga ...madhyalo sriram tho action genre loki velladu...

lover boy image thone inko rendu hits kottuntey ee incident ayina peddaga impadct vundakapoyedhi..

edaithe emi ..anavasarmga thondara paddadu.. past glory lo nunchi bayataki raalekapoyaadu dhaaniki thoda..

marital life lo kooda issues raavatam tho inka ala chesinatunnadu..

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