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What's with all these billionaires trying to find immortality?


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1 hour ago, Pulkapresident said:

Peter Thiel, Jeff Bezos and the quest for immortality

The billionaires’ race to reconfigure death is the latest manifestation of a timeless human fascination

No matter how much $$$ u make there will be a day u can’t eat or drink what you love and get what u want… 

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5 minutes ago, Swatkat said:

Antey enti? 

consciousness ni define cheyyadam...konchem kastame...

telugu lo cheppalante... ఇంద్రియ జ్ఞానం

what you feel, what you touch, what you see, what you smell...etc

basically what your mind understand with the help of ఇంద్రియాలు ...

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