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First time feeling sad for NRI uncles


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10 minutes ago, huma said:

Oka vaipu VISA tensions maro vaipu ageing parents tension inkoka vaipu pellam tho baadhalu. Most of the uncles I spoke to want to go back to India and live happily with their parents with whatever they made in USA but Aunties are stopping them by putting forward kids and other problems. Aunties wants show off and luxury at the cost of unhappiness of the husbands. Uncles are crushed between parents and in laws. Parents who once loved uncles unconditionally now turned indifferent. Uncles cant go against the will of selfish Aunties. What uncles get after all their sacrifice is some money and some home cooked food, they can't spend the money they earned as per their wish. I see uncles in the office doing so much politics just to survive so that they cant satisfy parents, in laws and aunties. I even saw one uncle crying in solitude. I stopped making fun of my colleague uncle after hearing his personal problems. Em life vayya idi.

Aa gnanam pelli cheskuni USA la fillal kane mundu undali or they should be mentally prepared already. Ippudu badha padi use asalu ledu. Either try to convince wife and kids about moving to india or ala sesha jeevitham edusthu gadipeyadame. 


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Just now, veerigadu said:

Desi ankuls bathuku very bad. Below average figures kosam shana kasta paduthuntaruuu.  Families tho kotladatharuuu. Anni chesina malli vaunties intlo kukkaaa 10guluuu mathram thappavvv for most of them. 

avunu vaa.. anduke ee jiggubhai always says east or west shoping is the best

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