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IT job vadilesina uncles unnara DB lo?


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28 minutes ago, perugu_vada said:

Naku India lo em 10’s of crores worth property ledu,, ala ani immigration issue osthe India move aithe undataniki illu aithe undi .. inka unna skill set tho easy ga job aithe Sampaadincha galanu anna confidence undi 

all I am saying here is.. lazy ga em work cheyakunda.. aasthi ni thintuu timepass cheyandi ani kadu .. idharu wore out aipoye Antha full time jobs chesthuu .. nidra ledu thindi ledu.. pillala ni chadivincha lekapothunna ani regret avatam Enduku ani 

We need that athi

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On 10/22/2021 at 1:39 PM, tennisluvrredux said:

Real estate market crazy ga undi corresthey but intha venakeyocha realistic ga. Nenu alochincha ee option but once real estate market craze taggaka pedda profit untada indulo ani digaledu. 

India lo real estate good baa but manage cheyadaniki evaranna undali ledante alanti prime lands kabza ayipothai. Retired parents undi close family motham US lo unte kastha kastame anduke andulo diga ledu. But good for your cousin. Naa thaana baane paisal unde aa time lo ilanti risk chesunte ayipoyedi but yeah cheppa ga manage cheyadaniki janalu undale India lo even brother ala unna okay

india lo rwal estate crazy ga vundi ,last 8- 10 yrs lo tho compare chesthe ekkadiko vellipoayayi..

naaku telisina oka vuncle village lo valla father ichina 7 cres land ni ammesi town ki near ga 6 acres teesukunnadu 2012 lo, same land cost per acre 70lkhs ayyindi 2017 lo, avi ammesi inko area lo 15 acres land 25lks tho konnadu , malli ippudu avu acre 50lkhs ayyindi...

ye maang lo chesina ila sampadistharu vaa...inti daggara haayiga family tho gaduputhu em tensions lekunda...end of day super techie ga feel ayee person intha kante kuuva earn chesada, moreover ithanu family tho haayiga vunnadu..

vuncle inspiration tho last 3 yrs lo naa savings 60lks tho oka prioperty konna, devudi aasheessulatho last 7 months loadi ippudu 1.1cr ayyindi, summer ki 1.4 vaaku vellochu antunnaru choodali

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