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Dil raju vaniki potunadu jaggadi gurinchi mtladali ante... inta bratuku bratiki em karma ra ...


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1 hour ago, sri_sri999 said:

Touch chesavu bayya malli matladamante telugu vaadi atmagouravam lavada lasan antaru

"Telugu Atmagouravam" ane concept ni vadukunodiki vadukunnantha bedaru...

all societies and all classes vallu vadukovachu...nellore border nundi ichapuram varaku evadaina vadukovachu.

if you  cannot win an arguement, remind that they speak telugu...that's it, nuvve arguement win avutav.

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5 hours ago, Raven_Raeyes said:

Andhra lo okka producer kuda leda ?

Andhra la ticket rates gurinchi matladanika telangana businessman ae kavalsivachinda ?

okka Andhra producer ki kuda soyi leda asalu issue resolve chesukovalani ? 

Oh my atmagouravam...tala ekada petukuntav rajendra ?

Yeraaaa enti noru lestindi potti bhosdk gadini emannna anagane nee potti dehaniki oopu vastandi endhi 

kosi karam edatha jatta naa batta 

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6 hours ago, psycopk said:


Where is our dynamic leader…tangutoori veereham prakasam pantulu…naa permission lekunda ye press meet pettoddhu ani seppatanikena? Ittanti issues emi pattava..vaadiki? 
correst yele..vaadu cinemalu emanna theesthada? Theesinavi aadaya? Vaaniki emi thelusthadhi pain 

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3 hours ago, Anta Assamey said:

Dont you think CBN should learn from Jagan how to keep people in control... If you have access to TDP inner circle better convey it..33mtnj.gif

Abha cha..y jagan , y not from Hitler mestaru..😂😂edhava TT lu..!

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