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Bigg boss 6 Raj eliminated


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3 hours ago, ZoomNaidu said:

Her story is touching ! 

Faimaaa is another level.... only useful content iche lady ee ammai okkatee 

jabardasth bore kottidhi ee ammai lekapothee


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6 hours ago, godfather03 said:

Adi correct ee kani...ekkuva mandi scrap ee unnaru...Wild cards thondaraga enter ayitharemo ee sari +double elimination...


varshini vasthundhiiiii 

wild card looo 

ani instagram mriguthundhi 

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11 minutes ago, kittaya said:

antheee gaaaaaa

Mari too much ba..intha cheap aithe ela..veellu inka full boothulu matladataru..avi cut cheyaleka editors chastaru

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4 hours ago, Sreeven said:

First task..jabardasth nundi entha mandi ra baabu..a chithoor yasa tho matlade lady kuda vundi..rohini jodi in jabardasth..

geeeeeethuuuuuuuu vs spartannn

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3 minutes ago, csrcsr said:

Kastam.bayya emina hot scenes tho Edits  trolls ante ok

bigboss lo hot scenes vethukutunnava anna Best Brahmi Dhee GIFs | Gfycat

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My only post in this thread.. 


I will watch the season only for these 2 🙂 , 




These will be in Top 5 based on outside popularity before evening coming to show


Adi Reddy


Faima ( I like her spontaneity, very talented comedian )

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