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Why does guna sekhar has this 3D fetish?


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2 minutes ago, kittaya said:

Avatar movies ni emi anadhu vayya

Cameroon knows what he is doing... 3D teeyalante shooting ki special cameras use cheyyali. post-production lo kooda heavy work untundi. 2.0 kosam shankar aa risk teesukunnadu. Guna Sekhar just normal movie teesi daanni 3D chesi padadobbudam, hype vasthundani try chesthunnadu.

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Not every movie is amenable to be made in 3D. 

In 3D while you get depth you lose out on scale. You have to be very careful. 

Really the only movie in 3D I enjoyed thoroughly was Avatar - which is actually running in the cinemas right now. 

You actually get transported into the world of Pandora. Truly a stunning experience watching Avatar in 3D. 

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If he is doing this at last minute, it will be bad at worse and average at best. Movie need to be shot with 3d cameras which he didn't..

I think the movie came out very bad... They are trying to add this and trying to use the 3d hype that will be there around December avatar release... 

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