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Motham 12 lockers danlo 4 opened malla teddy gadi bandaram


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6 hours ago, kakatiya said:

These people save money in name of ashram funds near swamijis ...  I don't want to give names of them to hurt sentiments .. but the day they touch them..lockers lo crores eh... 

I hate this swamijis protecting politicians instead of dharmam

Lekka pettadaaniki laksha mandhi kaavali

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Inside news: bjp concentrating on old congress and tdp leaders to bjp so attacking them 

so many loyal to trs vallani anta serious ga pattinchu kovadam ledu as most of them anta sampinchukola 

list patnam bros 


malla reddy 

marri rajashekar reddy 



puvvada ajay 

hari priya 


arimilli and maganti gopinath

kancharla from nalgonda if komati reddy wont workout 

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Comedy episode ki emi takuva ledu…deeniki 200 staff, crpf police..

Properties anni epudo benami mida transfer ayipoi vuntayi…Asale Malla Reddy ki isonti muchatla aari terinodu..

Kavithakka liquor scam la evadinanna arrest chesivunte inka ekuva mikeage ostundenemo….IT raid kante Arvin’s gadi inti mida attack ke ekuva weightage vuntademo…

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