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    bokkem kadu.. ila vadukunnolla andarini sesukunte suresh babu ladies hostel manaitain cheyyali..
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    Maa pakkinti uncle ki leka leka oka bidda pudithe vadiki lavada ani peru pettaru Really great asalu lavada unna kooda evaru aaa peru pettukoru kaani aa pilladiki aa peru pettadam purushangam unna prathi okkallu pulakarinchalsina vishayam
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    Simple terms lo.. ok shopping site application teskundam. intakmundu mottam site code oke applicaiton lo package chesi deploy cheseveru. (monolithic arch) like shopping cart, payment processing, shipping info etc anni oke dantlo ayyedi. edaina bug fix cheyali oka component ki ante, you had to redeploy the whole package again. to avoid such cumbersome things to redeploy unchanged code also, a monolithic code ni multiple components ga seggeregate chestaru. this concept is called microservices. traditional way of deployment lo a components anni multiple servers meeda deploy cheyalsi vachedi, kaani containerisation (docker is one of the platform) valla u can deploy all containers and runn the whole applicaiton on single instance. but still have the ease of redeploying only that small component rather than huge one. Kubernetes, docker swarm avanni next level one where u can run multiple docker containers in on Kubernetes cluster or docker swarm...
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    Please dont Breed, end your race ASAP.
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    Vaadu topper class lo...... Last bench mottam US lo undi..... Adi vaadi yedupu....
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    eedu own goals eskodam maanadu... aadni choosi nuvu DB lo own goals eskodam maanavu
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    nuvvu mari cheptav bhayya...mari antha digajarudu cheystara.... na 10 yrs experience nenu chala mandini hire chesanu but never seen this kind of people... vallaki raaka pothe radhu ani chepparu kaani...never seen people going low like this.... mari ladies ante chulakana ayyaru.... men ithe emi chesevaro adhi kuda cheppu....
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    billa85 Side Hero Members 5 846 posts Location neekenduku ra daffa
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    already post chesaa, 1990s rojulu kaadu ivi, media ante abn,etv,sakshi ane rojulu poyinaayi
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    My H1B Extension Case: BTech (EEE) , MS (Computers), I-140 approved 2012 ... H1b 6 years done.... Processing Type (Normal as Premium was suspended during that time) April 13, 2017 ==> (Location change from NJ to OH) è H1 Amendment + Renewal May 18, 2017 ==> RFE Received è(Client Letter ) July 27, 2017 ==> RFE Responded August 19, 2017==>RFE Specialty Occupation November 4, 2017==> RFE Responded (My I-94 expired Sep 30,2017) January 17, 2018==>upgraded to Premium January 30, 2018==>Case Denied (Out of Status) Worst day of My life February 10,2018 ==>Left the Country with my wife & kid February 3, 2018==> Another Petition Same Employer, Same Client , Same LCA in Premium February 14, 2018==>RFE Receivedè Specialty Occupation March 26, 2018 ==> RFE Responded March 31, 2018 ==> CASE APPROVED… Waiting to schedule an Interview date …. Sharing my experience … It’s tough to leave the country with wife and 1 yr kid suddenly is not a good experience but all in all. Everything happens for GOOD… Be Strong and Be Positive.. I will post once my Interview completes… PM me if you need any details… Thanks
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    cheppetodu chandrababu aithe vinetodu yerripooku ani oorkane anale saametha... Psycopk lantolla ni pichi pakodi ni chesthunnadu aadu
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    cheppetodu chandrappa iathe vintodu erri pappa
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    take care bro To everyone please give first priority to family not work/money 50 years vachaka ee work appraisals money 5bhk $350k net .... ivi evi happiness ivvavu..... family wife kids parents tho spend chesina time matrame you can recall TRAVEL as much as you can LIVE IN PRESENT ALWAYS - ee roju em avuthado teliyani life kosam stress ekkuva tisukokandi.... be always happy spend more time with family .... kids ne settle cheyali, bank balance picha lite... life ela lead cheyali , stress, relationship values cheppandi one important thing #LIFE INSURANCE tisukondi asap
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    ilanti rule india lo pedite media mottam jail lo nee untadhi
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    baa tdp vallu same thing 2003 lo try chesara alipiri lo
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    BJP plan esuthuvunte idu pakana vundi choosada pulka sponsored aah sivaji?
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    Pillalu, Don'ts : 1. Don't talk loudly in local language in office lifts 2. Don't stare at other people in office 3. Don't talk in local language before other language people 4. Don't be late to meetings 5. Don't be rude 6. Don't grab more than one item if freebies are offered 7. Don't act like the world will end if you don't get the freebie 8. Be respectful , never criticize someone publicly , it will spoil your relationship with them and will make it much harder to work with them everyday 9. reply all with a thank you email , send only to that person if needed. Do's 1. Use deodorant 2. Copy your manager in important emails 3. Train and delegate work if you have any new joiners in team , helps you grow to the next level 4. Show initiative , if you don't opportunities will rarely knock your door 5. If you are not learning anything new in your role for at least 1 month , then it means that you need to up skill 6. If you have to say anything negative , talk to them privately (start with a positive , Ex: I liked what you did with x etc...) 7. Compliment people , believe me , this works wonders 8. Act like a team , don't say he said , she said when you are representing your team to customers 9. If you want to bring a problem to your manager , also be prepared to answer on what the possible solutions are , never go to them with topics where there the solutions are not feasible 10. Utilize company provide training , Don't abuse but use it as needed to improve your certs , skills . You know , if properly used this is like an added reward to your salary. Now , start the disco , come on gusa gusa
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    Who questioned cbn when he said hodha tho origedhenti? who quotioned cbn when he agreed to package over scs? who quotioned when cbn said hodha sanjeevana? who quotioned cbn when he said hodha ante jail ke? who quotioned when he took no of u-turns and became u-turn ankul ? state future ki related scs ne avasaram ledhannappude ap janam xxcare anukunnaru.. muslim resevartions ki tg ppl endhuku worry avvale? just answer
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    yes man. shooting case lo kooda bellamkonda de thappu. balayya babu intilo gun tho shooting practise sesthunte vallu addu vellaru. fans chempa debbalu kooda same. balayya babu hands stretch sesukuntunte fans addam vellaru.
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    Aithe inkem MP ni chesi parliament ki pampandi shivaPrasad Anna ki thoduntadhi aadese dance laki dramalaki
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    Wife ichina pocket money tho konnattu unnadu
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    not fake. kaavali antey check details with all proofs in real time dash board ani @psycopk briefed.
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    around 3:00 dhaggara okadu booty pics theesukuntunnadu....
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    unnadu motions ayithe ma dosthu ganni ontiment petko annadu bradcow gaadu
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    Background lo siluva Bomma marchipoddu... Ledante kukka Sekhar Reddy athma pichuku pichuku mantundani @Raithu_bidda_ tolded.
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    nuvu chesthunnaav athi....vundavalli ni comment chesentha potigaaniva nuvvu
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    Bro oka two days rest theskovachu ga ...talakaya nosthundhi ...
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    nuvvu ee graham lone untava leka grahantara vaasi vaa
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    balayya ki dhobbulu padda prati sari bandh ante.. varam lo 4 days db close untadi
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    Yeah first ni mind alochanalu pakkaku tapputunnaye. It's completely wrong to control one minds who is your dear one and finally you will be effected. It can be controlled only with love n effection .. it is in positive away
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    carrying time lo mood swings common... just stay clam and relax.. job resign cheyi...mundu health important.. husband valla family ni pilicindi neku chesi petataniki… vallu nee cheta chyinchukotaniki kadu... koncham loukyam chupinchi… husband valla family edi ekkada undo ela cook cheylo nerpinchu... oka one week pothe.. food will be waiting for you...have some patience... asalu opika ledu ante.. ask your husband to buy curries outside..
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    Ayya Tuesday star koduku ATOM star
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    Padukunna pilli daggara ki velli, elaka thoketthi naatyam aadi. Dhaani edhuruga thokketthi aadina em peekalekapoyeendhi nannu ani cheppuku thirigindhi anta oka Yellow yelaka
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    right now being single... its a developing trend bro west lo aithe..its due to lot of reasons.. I just want to share a joke y people are staying single these days.. (its just for fun...sexist.. sadist ani na meeda padi chavakandi...) Remove s3x from a relationship and you discover that over 90% of ladies have nothing to offer in relationships Remove money from a relationship and you will discover that over 90% of ladies wont see a reason to be in that relationship..
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    You are not appreciating the force of a car crash. The energy created when a car flips is amazing. Anything inside the car is a flying object, a projectile. If people are not wearing their seat belts, they can be thrown out easily. Doors fly open, windows shatter, rear hatches break off. Watch some car crash videos and see what happens. Lets watch them In this example truck is only travelling at a measuring drift speed of 40 mph to its side. You can see the first dummy out is taking projectile only to fall on the ground after a interval of 6 seconds. you might ask me "wait dude, no one drives their vehicle sideways !!" Wait a second, when you try to change lane while travelling at 65 miles per hour and you suddenly realize oops some one in blind spot and retreat really fast, and it is same time when you loose your control on vehicle and things get start flying around. we all know 65 miles/ hr  is what most of us drive on the least busy day of your life. In most of the scenarios things go out of control where you think you are still  in safe zone. Below is where they are actually drifting but they applied brakes and brought car speed down to 30 mph but still it didnt help out (highly NSFW, please skip if you don't want to see ppl getting killed )   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DLohkIMmgmA     Below is case where dude is doing 90 mph - 100 mph on Honda Insight car. He survived the crash. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=McJJeukIWSA Below is simple example of head on collision, this can happen even you hit a tree or a boulder and as you can see both the passengers are out of the car in no second.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=L1m0D_h1AZA It also depends on the type of car you purchase   Below are the list of cars that have been given rating for the crash tests by National Highway institute http://m.iihs.org/mobile/ratings/mobileratings/tsps I handpicked a failed example, in this case Toyota Camry manufactured somewhere in the window outside 2013. http://m.iihs.org/mobile/ratings/mobileratings/toyota/camry/1751 Please give him some respect, he sacrificed his life for our safety       please put on your  F U CKINg  seat belts, it is not going to spoil your makeup or your ironed clothes for party.
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    arey ustad, itlanti sastha gallu duniya motham la vunnaru....vellu ae type ante, lokam lo tala ethukuni tirige type kadu, mokam lo mokam petti chuse type kuda kadu...itlanti anonymous world ki vachi avasaram leni muchatlu vaagi potaru....overall it reflects their real life ... tag chestaru, separate ga threads estaru..abhabho, masthu chestaru......idisey...howlagalla lekka orlukuntaru, evadu dekhagapothe poi inko dari vethukuntaru...antha kante ie na kodkulu emi cheyaleru... as you are not like the same guy who started this mess, there is a difference bhai...vadu vaagutadu, manamu respond ayinam anuko, this is what TS wants kada... idisey....kukka morigindanuko...isontivi panchati patukuni kusunte, mana dhamak kharab ayitadi...kharab ayite vache nastam emi ledu kani evado mukku mokam telvanodu dhamak kharab chestundu anedi manaki gita galeez ga ne vuntadi kada...
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    neku burra buddhi ledu ani DB lo andaru antunte vinna kani ippdu live lo chusa
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    election stunt.. kani memu swagathisthunnam... harikrishna gari wife shalini garu kuda lingayath e.. lingayath la krushi kosam mem entho chesam.. Karnataka lo prajala premani churagonnam
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    Aina NTR pic dp ga pettukoni CBN ni encourage chestunnav antene ardam autundi ne dual mindset. enni rojulu ee db lo ee point evaru enduku raise cheyyaledhu? nuvvu kuda same CBN mentality emo vennupotu podichi malli NTR pic ye pettukoni elections ki poye type nuvvu kuda
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    fight ticket valle pay chesara leka friend pettukunnda? vallu book cheste first class ha economy na ? enni days time icharu? ala time dorikite e lopala credit cards vadi shopping chesada?leda? Intaki nee friend aada or maga ? maga aite okay, aada aite lesbian ha? leka just fun kosam pressed ha ? complaint chesindi ammaya aunty na ?telupa nalupa ? ekkada press chesadu/chesindi and entha mandi mundu ? Inka chaala questions unnai..mundu ivvi cheppandi maku...chepte whatsapp lo motham story la type chesi 500 mandiki share chesta
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    em psycopk... 35+ age vachina kooda inka ninna monna MS graduate aina poragallatho ennallu ila dengul thintav.... gouravapradham ga retire avvochu kada...
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    PMP ki dump undadu, vadu questions mostly situation basis untai. This is my experience I have passed the PMP exam yesterday with AT in Initiation, Monitoring and Control, Closing Phases and T's in Planning and execution phases. This was my second attempt. I tried couple of years ago. I did not prepare and only took a questions dump. The dump was not even close to the questions in PMP. I was scared most of the exam as I though I am going to fail. Just want to share my experience as it helped me to read other people's experiences. Exam prep: Prepared for a month and half Went through a udemey course (https://www.udemy.com/pmp-training-for-pmp-certification-pmp-exam/learn/v4/questions) which covered most topics, prepared notes for myself. Went through the ITTO's and took 3 tests from udemey by Joseph Phillips and got 71%, 75% and 61%. While reviewing I got to know what I missed so far and read them again. prepared a small brain dump. I went through my notes again and this time took the exam central exam in which I got 85%, was very confident till I took the Oliver Lehman's 175 & 75 , got only 70%. Lost confidence until I came across a person's experience in reddit saying that 70% in Oliver Lehman's is very good. So scheduled the exam and went through my notes (more than 30 pages) 4 times, ITTO's and brain dump 4 times. I also read these 99 points which helps in understanding the questions http://tips.deepfriedbrainproject.com/2010/04/99-point-pmp-exam-success-formula-by.html Exam: I went in early as they called me and said there are slots open. All through the exam I was not confident that I am going to pass. I have marked 5 of the first 20 questions for review and stopped marking after that. The strike through thing helps. I took a break at 2 hrs when I was at my 111th question. Finished the test in in 3:30 min, was very relived to see the Congratulations at the end. Advice: No need to memorize all the ITTO's. Just need to understand how things work and makes sense. If the term is not familiar to you, means it is not the right answer. Understand if the what you should have done to avoid or will be doing next. Some questions did not make sense and we have to assume. Some questions seems to have multiple correct answers. May be they are for the 25 questions. best advice do more practice tests