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    uncle avasarama manaki ee fakings
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    Its okay to teach him. There is nothing wrong as sometimes when we are not focussed, we tend to think long for simple things. He can figure out googling, but has some trust that you are the right person at that given time. So approached you
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    chuttalalo oka match vocchindhi.. pampina photos lo anushka.. fb photos lo kanishka la undhi.. iga pellillalo half sarees eskoni hadividi pics untayi ga.. dhantlo oka pori masth nacchindhi.. ee pilla ki cousin. problem entante ee pilla ki ela no cheppali..? jathakalu kalisayi..chala manchi family. ..plus relatives.. ? andhariki cheppinatte " babu..ippude pelli cheskonu antunnadandi" ani parents tho cheppinchocchu kani.. ala cheppi valla cousin ni approach avvalenu.. jathakalu kalavaledhu ane cheppe chance ledhu.. ipudu ee pilla ki no chepthe.. valla cousin vallu accept cheyyaru.. last time kuda ilage ayyindhi.. oka pilla ni chudadaniki pothe..akkada valla chelli nacchindhi..adhe mata cheppina.. aa pori nake direct call chesi thittindhi..siggu ledha.. ? nannu chudadaniki vocchi na chelli nacchindhi ani chepthava ? ani What to do?
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    oridemma induku kaadu hyd nunchi el10gindhi
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    veellu main point miss avutunnaru.... movies anedi looks and skills meeda depend avuthadi... public vaalla valla entertain ayithey chustaru lekapothey public life em affect kadu... kani politics lo varasatvam anedi public life ni affect chese field... andulo eligible n qualified people must be given chance... waste candidate politics lo varasatwam valla okka roju power lo unna public life will get worse. ONLY proven candidates should be given chance not coz his family members proved themselves.
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    haha.. pakkolla meedha manaki leni empathy manam vaalla deggar nundi ela expect chestham. oka ammayi harassment complain chesthey, daani meedha satire lu esey manaki ilantivi jaragaalsindhey.
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    doable but alaa chesina vallu evaru naku teliyadu.. H4 meeda MS start chesi F1 ki convert avvali anukuntey first Univeristy international office lo matladi confirm chesko.. lot of Univs wont agree to that.. F1 visa anedi admission ochinanduku aa univ lo chaduvukotaniki visa istharu.. if you are already studying and now want to convert, the univ has to allow for such procedure or else it gets difficult... F1 anedi international students ki istharu... and tuition & fees is different. H4 anedi Univ meeda not dependant so you can claim in-state tuition... if you have plans to change visa status in middle its better to talk to International admissions office before you join any univ
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    yup.. she dont have to change visa status.. direct h4 EAD meedaney MS cheyyochu... aypoynanka job osthye H1 apply cheyyochu or MS time lo job ochina kuda cheyyochu... F1 ki vellalsina avasramey ledu.. F1 meedaki pothey in-state tuition undadu.. foreing student tuition untadi which is 150 times more than in-state tuition fees... and other visa kashtalu start avuthay... better to stay on H4 and finish MS
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    Okavela idhi nijamga jarigithe on the spot 911 ki call chesedhi udayanne nee pedharayadu theerpu kosam neeku cheppadhu
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    marriage appudu think beond visas & jobs. Everything will be setteled once you have good technical knowledge. talk to girl if you think she is the one marry her . Rest eveything will be settled. There are many people with 150k or 180ks salary but not good understanding partner. marry the girl worst case: no job no visa go back to hyd try jobs and work . Again 2019 try for H1b and come back Best case: marriage job & visa - Jai balayya Bachelor's party matuku st louis lo chesuko
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    mari mottam companies vaddu bhayya... potential problem with North Korea. aa mental Kim Jong gaadu eppudaina kopam vaste main land emi cheyyaleka SK companies anni AP lone unnayi ani ikkada destruction plan chestademo... please mottam korea cheyyaddu...
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    Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Smartwatch ★★★★★★★★★★4.7 out of 5 stars. Read reviews. 4.7 (413) Item #1183279 Model #SM-R760NDAAXAR Member Only Item Online Price319.99$ Less70.00$- Your Price249.99$ $70 OFF $70 manufacturer's savings** is valid 11/19/17 through 11/27/17. While supplies last. Limit 5 per member. Shipping & Handling Included* Features: Fitness Tracking Options at your Fingertips Apps at your Command Resists Water, Dust, Extreme Temperatures Go Nonstop for Days on a Single Charge Compatible with Android and iOS
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    Jury members evaru sir? Aallaki aadhar lu unnaya monnatidhaaka mee family antha ekkada voters sir.. mee bala maavayya ippatiki Ekkada sir unnadhi.. aayanaki undha aadhar.. etla mla ayyindu.. ye aadhar undhani ghmc ki ochindu lokesh babu.. continues
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    paapam bandla the VP...adiki ee rakam ga ina M and A pamilies dates vastai emo ani hole deggara cbn la waiting
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    Oka pori poraadu love cheskunaru pori maa intlo nadavadu , chal saalu teey mana yavvaram bandh seddaam ani break up chesindi,,, pori married one Andhra guy, poraadu oka 2years depression lo undi , chivariki oka arranged marriage cheskunnadu oka Andhra girl ni Twist enti ante that pori marriage cheskunna andhra guy and poraadu marriage cheskunna andhra girl are Siblings ippudu vaadi lover vaadiki chelli varasa autundi, vaademo thu deenamma jeevitham antunnadu pelliki 10 days munde telisindi ee matter, anduke em cheyaleka marriage cheskunnadu Okappudu chitha kaarthe kukkalaga thriginollaki all of sudden gaa relation change ayipoyindi Veedu gaaa andhra pori tho matladali ani chustunte she is avoiding him anta
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    Indian Mythology is based on true events and facts.. kathalu evadu chepaledu...tarvata vachina daridrulu antha kathalu chepinaru mana gurnchi... Oldest civilisation is here to stay...bhumi putinapudu puttindi mana matham, antarinchipoevaraku vuntadi
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    helloo here here i believe in any baba that says be good, do good aathcare what others think
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    Naa wife di dropped on monday passport received on thrusday .. naa colleague who is also FT , 2 days trvata called for interciew only finger prints teskoni pampincharu .. he got passport after 4 days naa inko colleague who is contractr to our client .. 2 days trvata called for interview and 221g vesaaru . 2 weeke padtundi ani chepparu Naadi direct interview and got passport in 4 days evanni last 2 weekd incidents hope it helps
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    Caste profiling is much worse than racial profiling. Please live in any of the UK/Europe/USA countries and talk to proper English/American/European and try to get their views on Indian Social system. even Pakis & B'desis. The first thing they complain about is Caste profiling amongst Indians. Whether RamCharan looks like Paki or not should not matter - Using caste name to abuse any one should not be encouraged. P.S:: In last 1200 Years, India was the only country which was raped by every other country/culture. No one Kams/Cops/Reds who fight for their caste, will ever even think about it. Why was India invaded and 30% of its people are converted to other religions? No one cares to even think about it.
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    manam enduku vaya cheppu polls...elections la vote ese dikku leni bratukulu manavi.. esetollu estaru...apativaraku edirisudadame manchi pani...
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    big boss lo chesina eedu evado kuda naku telidu ippudu ee pk godavato nenu eedini followavutunna twitter for fun (he got enough publicity)
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    i think that stupid should move aside and bring Brahmini .. she handles things very well and smart comparatively... eedu anavsaramga paruvu theesi Yellows hopes ni kill chestunnadu...
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    the US' EB5 visa scheme ends on December 8, experts are of the view that the scheme, popularly known as the "Golden Visa", is likely to be extended
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    Proved this series. Sachin pakkaku tappukochu, Sachin fans all silent. Sachin miserable failure as a captain and can't lead the team. Kohli thrives under the pressure of captaincy and performed even better.
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    Nenu e subject pi expert ni kadu kani naku thochindi cheputhanu. Social life : miss avadam: Patha rojullo friends, relatives, acquaintances, kotha parichayalu vundevi. Malli friends chesukovadam lo time use chey. one friend from every nation possible. Aimless : jeevitham lo anni sadinchanu anukunte, koththa targets pettuko. ante books chadavadam, rayadam, online lo ph.d cheyadam, kotha sites chudatam. intha time pettukuni ela productive ga anekante neeku nachchinattu cheyadam, neeku teliayani subject pi research cheyadam, US lo elanti business lu vunnai vatini India lo parichayam cheyatam (book roopam lo). bike riding, boat riding, hunting, skiing, swimming ---- lanti activities cheyadam. manishi ante selfish so Time pass ki attract cheyadam, aim to love a girl from every nation. ikkada volunteer ga community activites lo participate cheyadam, koththa technologies nerchukovadam. oka website create chesi, Andhra lo every district ki visitng sites and attractions .. so on include chey. Youtube channel open chey.. mask vesukuni e frustation, depression gurinchi mataldu, funny videos thesi upload chey. neeku vilu vunte short movies ki stories rayadam, theyadam chey. Photography kuda. Cooking classes ki vellu, koththavi try chey. manaku mundu ram, krishna, alexander, jesus, mohmaddh andaru puttaru chanipoyaru. neevu, nenu exception kadu ippatikaithe. E jeevithanni ela anubhavinchalo alochinchu. e jeevitham ice cream lantidi thinna karuguthundi, thinakapoyina karuguthundi. Empathy, sympathy lantivi alavatu chesuko...(vilu vunte, lekapoyina parledu, manalantollu chala mandi vuntaru). Life is a LIfE. Athiga avesha padakunda, athiga alochinchakunda, neeku nachchinattu jeevinchadame neeku manchidi. manchodu, cheddodu iddaru potharu. vunnodu, lendodu iddaru potharu. manishaina, mrugamaina pothundi. nee sareeram, nee athama evi neetho kuda ravu. nee needa kuda neetho radu anni places ki. Pretend chesthu brathakadame, adi kadu kudradu ante practical ga jeevinchadame. Edi emaina brathakali, anubhavinchali, anandinchali.
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    Idhi oka lawda lo suggestion.
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    money is not everything. He may have other talents that he cannot monetize. tellodo, nallodo, chinese oo, andaru edho oka vidhanga talented aey. ee roju nuvvu tokkalo 100k sampaisthunnavu ani, nuvvu people ni useful/useless ani categorize cheyyaku. beyond people's usefulness or uselessness, they have value. Its just that society has decided to not tap into that. Its pathetic. first you grow some empathy. ee life is not permanent. social aim should be to create a sustainable society, not boast about usefulness of your particular group. This is what whites, brahmins have been doing for a long time. they are utterly wrong.
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    Not to mention has a horrendous record while chasing, for a supposed GOD of cricket.
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    Sachin was always selfish and cares more for his personal records. up to some extent he helped winning matches, but overall he is very selfish person..Same is the case with Dada Ganguly
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    mundu ento konta petti cc/dc petti btc/eth konu bro taravatha slow ga ardam avutundi .
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    Mandhu anedhi ullasam kosam tagali kanni , illa udhyamam laga tagkudadhu bhayya
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    neeku ela telusu? Spyder movie lo laga spy chesava? papa phone lo friend tho matladthunnappudu?
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    Nuvvu sarigga chadhavaledhu uncle . Vadi cards lo limit ayipoyaka money lev ani nannu undamannadu. Aa store Ki kuda Andhuke rammannadu. Andhuke worst experience ani pettina
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    nee prashnalu neekey evarru badhulivvaru ra..
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    mothkupally adhe pani pani lo unnadu
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    G annaka pergakunda untadhaaa ? dhanike comment cheyyala..? G peddhaga unnollantha goppollani survey lo chepparu.. sunny leone, mia khalifa.. alantivare
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    chala matches jathakalu, sub caste lu, naku nacchaka, nenu nacchaka.. india ki move avtha future lo anadam valla, past relation valla poyayi.. kontha mandhi ammailu bagane unna chala weird questions adigevaru.. virgin e na ? gf tho em levaaa..? US lo undi nuvvu bumchicks cheyyaledhu ante nammala ? ankuntu.. 2 r 3 months ammai tho travel ayyaka set kadhu ani kuda drop ayipoyam mutual understanding tho. oka stage lo patha pori ye better ankunna.. but sudden ga oka ammai life loki vocchindhi.. chudagane nacchindhi.. valla parents kuda chala baga matladaru.. oka sontha koduku tho ela matladtharo ala.. jathakalu kuda kalisayi.. ammai nenu kuda matladkunnam.. engagement date ankune time lo ..ammai thatha dhigadu.. aayana astrologer anta.. 25 ganalu kalisayi maku.. musalodocchi edho pulla pettadu.. gunalu 14 kalusthayi ani. pelli cheskokudadhu ani.. nenu assal ivevi nammanu.. ma nana kuda annadu 35 kalisina vallu kuda divorce theeskuntunnaru.. manushulaki compatibility match avvali. stars dhi kadhu ani
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    Prasanna, jury member for 2014 Nandi awards, clarified on @TV9Telugu. "Legend is a movie with Social cause. Manam was a movie that is far from reality on rebirths". Also claims Legend ran for 1170 days and so the award.
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    asalu vadiki intha scene iyyadame meeru chesina thappu.. You should have lodged a complaint in the nearest PD by now..Enduku wait chesthunaro ardam kaledu
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    May be andhuke ee pane pakodi news create chesaru anukunta Desi Baana Potta Batta uncles
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    personal choice.. there is no RIGHT way
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    Respect fellow dbians