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  2. thata

    Data analyst job vunte help

    Exp in India ?
  3. Konebhar6

    Stock discussions

    The reason I considered Utilities until 2022 is .. Simple strategy for utilities .. Enter when Interest rates are high (Q4 2023 - Q1 2024) ... Exit when they are low (2022). We know the direction Fed is going. So compared to individual stocks, its easy to detect these patterns in utilities. Same with Income funds. I still feel a big drop is coming for stocks which will make these utilities stocks even cheaper. Right time to get into them.
  4. Konebhar6

    Stock discussions

    Good analysis. That's why I always recommend people to diversify. Utilities should have a place for 2 reasons - They have steady growth and Div Yields. When opportunities like now arise where prices fell a lot, its a good investment opportunity and the yields are better too. Also they have a steady growth and saves us from heart burn. It does not matter how much knowledge we have or how smart we are, unless we control our greed and fear, we cannot make money in the market. Its easy to look back and look at the returns index funds are giving, but now many of us actually kept them through out the years. I salute those who did. I am more practical these days and trying to diversify. But mostly defensive sectors like Utilities, Pharma, Income Funds, Monthly div funds, etc.
  5. quest

    Social media influence

    actually same goes with forn... adi choosi alaane expect chesthe life antha disappointment ye
  6. quest

    ndhi vayya idi hebha and utube yanker

    scripted, yem chestaam
  7. monnatiki monna, maa guruvu gaaru oka pelli jaripistunte aa pellikooture maa guruvu gaaritho lechipovataaniki siddapadindi- ilaa undi dialogue
  8. Konebhar6

    Stock discussions

    Naaku ardham kani vati joliki vellanu bhayya .. At the same time we should not ignore these as well. I was looking for a decent Crypto ETF but did not find any. I would say stick to frontline cryptos - Bitcoin and Ethereum. Otherwise wait until your investments are in +ve and sell them.
  9. Konebhar6

    Official: Bigg Boss Telugu 7 - 15 weeks

    Agree with your view point. Shivaji is playing the best game out of all. But Nag daggara ati vinayam .. and vadu nominate cheste idi just game bro .. vere vallu cheste teeskoledu ... ee negatives ... Manam judge chestunnam kani .. manam kuda ante nemo ... when we are put in that situation.
  10. Konebhar6

    Official: Bigg Boss Telugu 7 - 15 weeks

    Vadu back bitching baga chestunnadu. Shivaji daggara manchiga undi, matalu vini ave Star Maa batch ki chadiluga cheptunnadu. I saw atleast twice. Chadilu type anukunta. But he has no mask. He is like that outside as well I think. Inka behavior kastha leki types. constantly Asking girls for hugs and keeping hands on subbu's thighs. subbu titti cheyi pakkaku tesesindi. Inka monna Gautham tho episode I could not believe pulling gautam's neck with that prop. Overall, andariki bokkalunnai ...
  11. cinema_talk_pichodu

    Pranitha Exposing

  12. halwafan

    Official: Bigg Boss Telugu 7 - 15 weeks

    kiran rathod vaunty matured unde.. uchha aagaka 1st week lo pampinru aameni.. ipudantha joker gallu migilinru. pandaga cheskondi inka.
  13. nice happened antunna @tom bhayya
  14. మిత్రపక్షమైనబీజేపీ విషయంలోనే జనసేనాని కాంప్రమైజ్ అవడంలేదు.అంతెందుకు, సీట్ల పంపకాల విషయమై టీడీపీ తక్కువ చేసి చూసినా, జనసేన అధినేత తన ఆలోచనల నుంచి వెనక్కి తగ్గలేదు. ఎట్టి పరిస్థితుల్లోనూ 2024 ఎన్నికల్లో టీడీపీతో కలిసి ప్రభుత్వాన్ని ఏర్పాటు చేస్తామన్న ధీమా జనసేన అధినేత పవన్ కళ్యాణ్‌లో స్పష్టంగా కనిపిస్తోంది. 😂😂😂
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  16. Guest

    Brahmi 13

  17. ZoomNaidu

    ndhi vayya idi hebha and utube yanker

    Calling @hyperbole to use this one also as coverdrive 😂😂😂
  18. Who Is Billionaire Vikas Oberoi, Involved in Horrific Lamborghini-Ferrari Crash In Italy Mumbai-based property magnate Vikas Oberoi and his wife, actress Gayatri Joshi, who made her Bollywood debut with Shah Rukh Khan's Swades, were involved in a car crash in Italy. which left a senior Swiss couple dead. The tragic accident occurred when several sports vehicles, including a Ferrari and Lamborghini, tried to overtake the camper van ahead of them, reports said. The two high-end cars almost tumbled, and Ferrari, carrying the Swiss couple, caught fire leading to the death of Melissa Krautli, 63, and Markus Krautli, 67. A video, captured from the dash cam of another car, showed the disturbing video in which several sports vehicles followed each other. The blue Lamborghini in which Vikas and Gayatri were travelling rammed the van and skidded off the road. Who is realtor Vikas Oberoi? - Real estate tycoon Vikas Oberoi is the chairman and managing director of Oberoi Realty Ltd, which is known for its high-end suburban condominiums. Oberoi Realty Ltd was founded by Ranveer Oberoi three decades ago. Apart from property, Mr Oberoi also invests in housing, corporate, hospitality and retail. - Mr Oberoi also owns Mumbai's famous Westin Hotel. He is also building the financial capital's first Ritz-Carlton hotel and residences. Oberoi Realty Ltd is also constructing a mall, hotel and office tower in midtown Mumbai, according to Forbes. - An alumnus of Mumbai University, Mr Oberoi also studied at the prestigious Harvard Business School in the US.
  19. PaulWoodard

    Social media influence

    Comparing ourselves to these idealized images can indeed lead to dissatisfaction and impact our own happiness. It's important to cherish the unique moments in our own lives and not let social media influence negatively affect our relationships and well-being. Life is too precious to spend it comparing ourselves to others.
  20. baku_keku

    Telugu Rashtra peddavalu and their womanizing habits

    SR NTR- LP enduku mention cheyale
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