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  2. ZoomNaidu

    TG and AP states lo

    One of the best thing he did !
  3. kitkat

    Cousin pelli chupulu.

    my 1st cousin pelli chupulu velladu for the 1st time. he is decent looking guy, working in bengaluru. as of now wfh Girl all good, working infosys/wfh. aa pilla said.. Iam a girl, I want to be treated as a girl. Iam working now because i have nothing better to do and cheppukovadaniki baaguntundi ani doing job. I want to be a housekeeper, good cook, mother of 2 kids. my father expects me to be both man and women. work like man and behave like girl. meeru job preference undi, so iam not correct ...ani cheppindi anta. ma vadiki emi cheppaloo teleeka, very nice meeting you ani left. intlo manchi discussion happening over all, I am impressed with that girl words.
  4. csrcsr

    485 (GC), Ead , AP, Spillover issues

    bad luck bro just njoy ead ap benefits until then once case is reviewed its almots like gc, inka emi cheyalvu
  5. csrcsr

    One more konidela wicket down?

    i am not only quoting them bro iyala fepu paristiti ala undi ekva vintunam not only cinema field in general kuda
  6. i_sudigadu

    Jagratta man

    Ippudu technique telisindi kada man .. follow aipo
  7. AP lo ayithe Graphix 😃😃
  8. i_sudigadu

    Jagratta man

  9. Telugodura456

    High Tension In Pulivendula

    chaa...thamaraki politics is only about taking revenge against balayya dialogues anukunta.
  10. kasi

    Americalo kitty party

    ugly and rich is deadly combo for an aunty ugly ga unav ani first half lo prapamcham revenge thercukuntea........second half lo richness tho aunty revenge therchukuntadhi
  11. Ee WI gallu rechipoyu aduthunnaru
  12. Anna inne rojulu ekkadiki poyav Anna
  13. KCR ni ippudu vadhilesi thaaruvaatha deal chesthaadantley - Compulsion !
  14. dallas_ear_rings

    Americalo kitty party

    Thuuu last ivvi kooda chusudena inka?
  15. BJP yeda vundhi vayya appudu power lo 😂😂 nuvvu nÊe comedy kaakapothey- CBN kuda yes annaadu Tg ki anthamaathrana Baboru vallaney TG vochindhi antey voppukuntaava 😂😂
  16. Telugodura456

    rail bus in china - intersting concept.

    chala theda undhi le renditki madhya, you are trying to be over clever - anni thelisanttu.
  17. LadiesTailor

    Jagratta man

    Ante underwear esukoni snanam cheyyala ippudu 😜
  18. what's new in this uncle? evaru power lo unte vale tokkadam common oka kcr oka Nakka oka jagan
  19. @KGFsutthi Consistency maintain cheyamantunnaadu ba ninnu
  20. Anta Assamey

    Americalo kitty party

  21. Shameless

    Jagratta man

    nee yavva andhuke inthavaraku etuvanti savings levu naaku..
  22. you elect leaders for dialuges or work ?
  23. blow job party and congress state ivvakundaane vaadu techukunnadu mari.. ee ammani marchipovaddu anna blowjob party maatalu marchipoyinattunnaru
  24. may be.. but i want to deal with him later when someone even bigger is lurking and playing against us.
  25. Anta Assamey

    Jagratta man

  26. ZoomNaidu

    Sajjala is Male Lakshmi parvathy

    Kompadheesi Balayya Lady NTR Avvadu kadha Male LP kosam ani @ARYA ki doubt came.
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