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Post result internal analysis: Three biggest things that costed Jagan power in 2024 elections


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7 minutes ago, migilindhi151 said:

One most important thing VATTAVEL,

JAGAN is the BIGGEST ERRI FOOK AP has ever seen, that’s why they lost ….

When CBN and Lokesh are around no one can dethrone them from BIGGEST ERRI FOOK AP

With PK leading the kootami, even serial losers Lokesh and CBN got thumping majority

Hope fully PK can decide good portfolios for losers CBN and Lokesh

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6 minutes ago, JaiBalayyaaa said:

Jagadni executive capital lo erripook chesaru...ade ee election highlight.

Kurnool kutha dhengaaru… 

aa jilla ee jilla ani ledhu every jilla kulla bodishaaru 

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9 hours ago, ButtonMohanReddy said:

Ba I’ve kaadu 

sand ledhu

cement ledhu 

daily construction workers ki pani ledhu 

sir gaaru veltey 3 -4 hours road block

edaina meeting ki veltey akkada rtc buses ani meeting ki divert chesi public ki lekunda chese vallu 

Anna vastey stores close cheyyali 

inka chaala unnayi ila 

Alliance disaster chestey tappa , as of now jagga bounce back avadam kastamey.   Ee result gattiga kottindi and hope ee low level people ni dooram petti & decent politics chestey better jagga . In case sustain ayitey 

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10 hours ago, migilindhi151 said:

Rei VATTAless VEL, JAGAN kanna ekkuva majority for Lokesh, KRUTHA GRUDHA MOOSKONI UNDU labour lk 

Whats funny is that he started this with exit survey expecting alliance to win around 100 seats. But 164 ochaka, it's clear that more than any factor such as CBN or PK, public fix ayyaru Jagan bokka ani

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