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    marriage appudu think beond visas & jobs. Everything will be setteled once you have good technical knowledge. talk to girl if you think she is the one marry her . Rest eveything will be settled. There are many people with 150k or 180ks salary but not good understanding partner. marry the girl worst case: no job no visa go back to hyd try jobs and work . Again 2019 try for H1b and come back Best case: marriage job & visa - Jai balayya Bachelor's party matuku st louis lo chesuko
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    antha manchi bandi kabatte second hand ayna egabadi konukkuntunnaru...piccha lite..you keep trying fresh ballu raja...
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    yes.. pakkanodiki eppudu audi ne.. manaki eppudu ambassador ee arranged marriage lo.. anduke go pick ur own car
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    adi by default baa.. avvi cheyyakapothe no s33x experience for that day .
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    Okavela idhi nijamga jarigithe on the spot 911 ki call chesedhi udayanne nee pedharayadu theerpu kosam neeku cheppadhu
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    Nenu e subject pi expert ni kadu kani naku thochindi cheputhanu. Social life : miss avadam: Patha rojullo friends, relatives, acquaintances, kotha parichayalu vundevi. Malli friends chesukovadam lo time use chey. one friend from every nation possible. Aimless : jeevitham lo anni sadinchanu anukunte, koththa targets pettuko. ante books chadavadam, rayadam, online lo ph.d cheyadam, kotha sites chudatam. intha time pettukuni ela productive ga anekante neeku nachchinattu cheyadam, neeku teliayani subject pi research cheyadam, US lo elanti business lu vunnai vatini India lo parichayam cheyatam (book roopam lo). bike riding, boat riding, hunting, skiing, swimming ---- lanti activities cheyadam. manishi ante selfish so Time pass ki attract cheyadam, aim to love a girl from every nation. ikkada volunteer ga community activites lo participate cheyadam, koththa technologies nerchukovadam. oka website create chesi, Andhra lo every district ki visitng sites and attractions .. so on include chey. Youtube channel open chey.. mask vesukuni e frustation, depression gurinchi mataldu, funny videos thesi upload chey. neeku vilu vunte short movies ki stories rayadam, theyadam chey. Photography kuda. Cooking classes ki vellu, koththavi try chey. manaku mundu ram, krishna, alexander, jesus, mohmaddh andaru puttaru chanipoyaru. neevu, nenu exception kadu ippatikaithe. E jeevithanni ela anubhavinchalo alochinchu. e jeevitham ice cream lantidi thinna karuguthundi, thinakapoyina karuguthundi. Empathy, sympathy lantivi alavatu chesuko...(vilu vunte, lekapoyina parledu, manalantollu chala mandi vuntaru). Life is a LIfE. Athiga avesha padakunda, athiga alochinchakunda, neeku nachchinattu jeevinchadame neeku manchidi. manchodu, cheddodu iddaru potharu. vunnodu, lendodu iddaru potharu. manishaina, mrugamaina pothundi. nee sareeram, nee athama evi neetho kuda ravu. nee needa kuda neetho radu anni places ki. Pretend chesthu brathakadame, adi kadu kudradu ante practical ga jeevinchadame. Edi emaina brathakali, anubhavinchali, anandinchali.
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    Idhi oka lawda lo suggestion.
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    money is not everything. He may have other talents that he cannot monetize. tellodo, nallodo, chinese oo, andaru edho oka vidhanga talented aey. ee roju nuvvu tokkalo 100k sampaisthunnavu ani, nuvvu people ni useful/useless ani categorize cheyyaku. beyond people's usefulness or uselessness, they have value. Its just that society has decided to not tap into that. Its pathetic. first you grow some empathy. ee life is not permanent. social aim should be to create a sustainable society, not boast about usefulness of your particular group. This is what whites, brahmins have been doing for a long time. they are utterly wrong.
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    Nobody brought Chinese here forcefully on ships to work as slaves like they did Africans. Chinese immigrated here to work on railroads and stuff for less money. As a result the Americans got angry and revolted as their wages were coming down then they made a law stopping immigration from china for 10 years and they also made them ineligible to get the US citizenship. idi history for your information. so neeku teliyalsindi enti ante vallu edo special anukoku they are just like any other immigrants like Indians Japanese Mexicans who work hard because if they dont work hard they need to leave the country..and nuvvu edo nallolu govt iche danitho enjoy chestunnaru antunnav... govt only nallolake ivvatledu social security..its a wrong propaganda by some groups that nallolu live on social security... it might be true when it comes to stats..but its not because they dont want to work but because they are not hired coz they are blacks...idi actual reality.. so nuvvu telusuko mundu before making such remarks...
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    masala posts much better to u. you are talking like a sixth grader.
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    Forums lo max issues unna cases ye untay, success aina vallu 90% post cheyaru their experience, so blind ga forums chusi decide avvodhu
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    No man they expect him to be a machine, no rest no nothing. Kohli is a smart chap, he knows when to rest and when not to, and he knows very well the kind of battles he needs to pick.
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    Richard Hadlee played his last ODI and last Test match both in 1990 bhayya. Sachin appatiki already world no 1 batsman ayipoyadantara Sachin bhaktulu ikkada?
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    As per this arguement 1980s varuku uncovered pitches meda adina succesful batsmen andaru legends/Gods kada.........evadi generation ki vadu goppa....endo e lolli....Naaku adham kani logic enti ante....present Indian batsmen andaru flat tracks lo adutunaru antunaru and inko side Ashwin 300 Wickets tisthe vadu anni spin pitches lo ne adadu vadikante Kumble/Harbhajan goppa antaru....... The only difference I can see is previous generation players were better at adapting faster to different conditions/pitches where as present players are adapting faster to different formats/situations. Focused has switched from technique to fitness & temperament.
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    You spoke about batting standards having improved in this era. So why would you expect the bowlers from this era who bowl to much more improved batting standards to match upto the ones in the list who bowled in times when the batting standards were far lesser. The talk about batting standards is one that you initiated btw, you might want to go back and read what you have posted in the other thread as it pertains to this particular issue.
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    Out of that list, Dale Steyn is still playing in this era. Also, what's your comment on Dennis Lillie being included in that list? As I pointed out, he retired far before Sachin even made his debut. I guess at this rate, some of Sachin's blind fanboys might even throw in some bowlers from the 50s into the mix since Sachin might have scored against them in their wet dreams.
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    A big LOL at putting Dennis Lillie in that list. Here are some Dennis Lillie's statistics: Last Test‎: ‎2 January 1984 v Pakistan Test debut‎: ‎29 January 1971 v England Bowling‎: ‎Right-arm fast Last ODI‎: ‎18 June 1983 v West Indies Dennis Lillie played his last test and ODI way before Sachin even came onto the scene, but I guess Sachin dominated him in his fans' wet dreams. I don't have to troll Sachin's fans, they troll themselves.
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    Not to mention has a horrendous record while chasing, for a supposed GOD of cricket.