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    baaga kashtapadutunnaru weekend kooda, TS elections tho pettina rod pain inka unnatlundi papam, frustration souls
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    చంద్రన్న ధాటికి తోకముడుచుకుపోయిన పేతాన్. నేర్పుగా ఒరిస్సా మీదుగా తీరం దాటించిన చాణిక్యుడు తుఫానులు , సైక్లోనులు రాష్ట్రాన్ని తాకలంటే... ముందు ఆయనని దాటుకొని వెళ్ళాలి.. మచ్చల పులి గాండ్రిస్తే ఎట్టా ఉండుతుందో తెలుసా... మట్టి తుఫాను చెవిలో తిరిగితే ఎట్టా ఉంటుంది తెలుసా... ఆ పొద్దు చంద్రన్న తుఫాను పై పడితే అట్టా ఉండిద్ది. టిట్లి లాంటివే తోకముడుచుకపోయాయి అయన పోరాటపటిమ చూసి...
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    Sir meeru by mistake Pizza hut delivery teesukunnaru instead of Dominos. Aa roju aa room eduru room lo nenu unnanu. Pizza hut odu deliver chesa antadu naakemo raledu. Naa 15$ bokka. Meeru kadatara? Pirralu fooklu soosukuntu naa Pizza hut order dobbestara
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    But your crying will be forever annamata 🤣
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    Chaala manchi dr dhaggare kutlu veyinchukunnaru maan.. chaala fast ga recover ayyi malli db ki ochhe saaru.. we should appreciate the dr
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    Advantage: you don’t need to buy fair and lovely for her . dis advantage : you need to buy fair and lovely for yourself
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    eedu own goals eskodam maanadu... aadni choosi nuvu DB lo own goals eskodam maanavu
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    Hehe...iga ie videos chusukuni ae kush kavali
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    For me: US ki ravadam valla jarigina good things: offcourse money, konchem respect in relatvies/neighbors, better life kolpoyinavi: chitthappa, periyappa, thatha itla family lo vallu chanipoyina kuda polekapodam... I'm a bit emotional guy... assal chanipoyaka 15 days ki chepparante ardham cheskocchu... - obviously EX - cousins, friends pellillu kuda chudalekapodam - amma ko, nana ko health balekapothe... tablets veskondi ani video call lo chepthunnamemo.. kani dhaggarundi veyyalekapothunnam... anneetiki minchi... badhesthe hatthukoni odharchevallu... santhoshamosthe panchukune vallevaru lekapodam
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    CBN deserved a chance and he was given one. He didn't prove anything except for Power point presentations and wide spread corruption by his benamis Sujana, Narayana, CM Ramesh etc.. Jagan should be give a chance.. Corruption adi idi ani anemundu please think about the corruption going on in AP now in the current CBN's government.. May be Jagan wants to prove himself and establish himself as a worthy CM candidate. Nothing wrong with giving him a chance.. People said the same about KCR that he will drive away all the settlers from Hyderabad and that he will take Telangana back to Nizam's era if he came to power.. But after 5 years Hyderabad is on a fast track pace for development and people are living peacefully there. Telangana also developed very well in the last 5 years..
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    CBN crores crores karchu petti cheyyinchukunna publicity hype antha Dora okka press meet tho gaali theesesadu 😂
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    In some discussions,I went overboard and used foul language on some members..I want to apologise for that .....I have been member of this DB from 2009....It’s been great interacting with many members....
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    Nuvvu inta pedda post esina malla TS edo oka pichuka question ostadu chudu
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    Vennu potu podicharu!!!!! kutra kutra kutra kutra!!!!
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    kareem beedi kuteera parisrama.. venkateshwara book stall... anupama ladies emporium.. thaaja vegetable market.. sri sai medical shop... shiva tea stall....
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    Ee id lo avvaledhu bro
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    Pushkaralu - killed 12 innocent people because of his publicity craze Call Money scam - Main culprit Bonda Uma Still roaming around freely.. Not controlling goons like Chintamaneni and Paritala's son. Amaravathi - Taking 30,000 acres of fertile land. He could have picked some government land where he didn't need to spend 3 years just for land acquisition. Wide spread quid pro quo Where all his benamis acquired land before capital announcement. Massive corruption by his benamis CMRamesh Sujana Narayana etc. CM Ramesh's firm got 3000cr of government contracts, mostly dummy projects. AP is like a patient on bed, you are stealing the patient's food and making him starve - despicable Trying to project Lokesh when he is good-for-nothing. Trying to claim credit for everything when he can't even speak proper English. Killing special category movement. If not special category we could have at least gotten a good package from the central government had he not killed the movement. Government hospitals have become worst. Newborns are dying because of rat and cat bites. Kissing BJPs ass for 4 years while not pressurizing them for assistance to the state. Because of vote for note case, he became a complete dummy in their hands.. Sand Mafia.. No accountability for the 130000 crores of borrowed money. Mostly diverted to singapore and other offshore destinations through his benamis. Trying to centralize everything in Amaravathi for his caste interests. Repeating the same mistake as Hyderabad. Towns like Kurnool, Vizag, Ongole, Nellore, Rajahmundry, Kakinada have been completely ignored.. ABN has been given a contract to telecast assembly sessions for 300 crores when there are no discussions in assembly as opposition boycotted the assembly.. I can go on and on. Remove your yellow glasses and see. CBN has been nothing but an utter failure in the last 5 years. I can confidently say that he will not come back to power in 2019.
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    Next question : Salt esukoni bodi dhi okaside inkoside pappu dhi sanka nakindhi evaru?
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    ayanni chuse aa vishaka TDP netha kooda try chestu dorikaademo
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    Good crying 😢 keep going, you guys will never change 🤣
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    cheppetodu chandrababu aithe vinetodu yerripooku ani oorkane anale saametha... Psycopk lantolla ni pichi pakodi ni chesthunnadu aadu