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2 hours ago, Pahelwan2 said:

Yes stairs bokka. Hardly in a day you use stairs 2-3 times 

thats for looks man.....it add's wow factor anthe....TX lo master bedroom elagu kindhane untai...mostly media room kosame vellali paiki....and yes, two stairs unnai kuda, u can only use one at a time :)....so its purely looks kosame and honestly nenu video chudagaane ah stairs nachai.


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2 minutes ago, Cosmos said:

mortagage entha vundochu 🤔  . .

around $10K / month ? iyye laga vundhi ga house mortgage and maintenance ki .  

15k bro. 

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7 minutes ago, JambaKrantu said:

Nice home

similar home will cost 50+ crores in Kokapet

This home is 20 crores now

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1 hour ago, DallasBaluKarry said:

Thats only mortgage

Other expenses tho 20k per month

Ma brathukulu 2k per month save chesthe goppa 9 to 5 work. Chaaa

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7 hours ago, gudboy said:

i really want to know what these people do in these big houses...2 people ki 6500sqft home endi ra saami

dani cleaning ke 1000$ charge chestharu cleaners..imagine power bills, insurance , property taxes , yard maintainance , pest control, water treatment services, security  and the list goes on...

intha showoff isthunnav ante you need to throw expensive parties to justify your status in dallaspuram...

4 possibilities...

1. both have high salary jobs like 250K each or consultancy owner

2. india lo richie rich family

3. Sold cali home bought pre-2018

4. Bad financial judgement



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happy for him, but based on experience he will end up with 0 to none good neighbors.

Mostly they don't come outside or  if they do come they don't talk straight.

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