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వాడి బూట్లు నాకడం వీడికి అలవాటే .. మళ్ళీ మొదలెట్టాడు బానిస


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59 minutes ago, psycontr said:


Keep them coming. Promoting in the guise of hatred. Are you a mussugu Pulka?

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1 hour ago, psycontr said:


Good video anna thanks for sharing, competitive spirit ante ila undali 

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16 minutes ago, Madann said:

@psycontr @vetrivel mimmalni emcheyali ra asalu em upayogam me valla 

edupu ki brand ambassadors ante better

Lol under Kcr , Telangana developed 1000 times more than under CBN 


Telangana is way ahead


This gumpu mesthri instead of competing with Maharastra and karnataka wants to compete with Andhra which for a lot of reasons is not at Telangana level


That shows how he will screw Telangana to help his master 


@Pahelwan2 @reality @Android_Halwa @argadorn sorry brothers you have to endure the misrule of this gumpu mesthri


When Kcr and Jagan said its better to not work against each other , all these tdp gajji goondas cried foul


Now same tdp gajji goondas are preaching

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1 minute ago, Madann said:

arey illiterate fool yes they didn't want to work against each other instead they worked against the people.

iddarini moolana koosobettaru people


Tdp gajji goonda logics


We do its Samsaram , you do its Vyabhichar


Maybe under PK leadership of kootami , Andhra has a high chance of developing 


After a term under PK leadership , if the same thing is said, then it would make sense 

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3 minutes ago, Madann said:

@vetrivel poyi jagan sanka naaku kaaliga unnadu anta modanastapu leki jaffa munja

Is that what you did after Cbn lost ?


Ewww you tdh gajji goondas have weird fetish




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