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What are portlets? Portals? A portal server?
[b]Developing JSR 286 Portlets[/b]

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[quote name='bujjulu' timestamp='1329192143' post='1301410133']
naa dhaggara nenu deals ki chesina war undhi
mysql db kuda undhi
kavalante isthanu

inka email war undhi
let me know if u need any wars, just to deploy and see

Thanks mama ....

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[quote name='HAPPYNESS' timestamp='1329257842' post='1301413137']
emayya Bendu website editing entha varaku vachindi

Ninna neee kothaa job lo join ayyya kadha mama ... so koncham enjoy chesthunna ......koncham time kuda dorakadam leee .... inka start cheyali

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Tar antee tape archive .... appatlo unix puttina rojulooo anni Tape la lo rase vallu .. papam mana laaa chitikana velu goru anthaa chip lo 128GB patedhi kadhu gaaa .....

idhi emi undi mama same mana ZIP (windows) or rar or JAR (JAVA) command laga nee ... compress chesthundi content ni

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this following article I found online gives a way Integrating Hibernate with Spring and spring transaction management

hopefully it helps you...


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[img]http://www.andhrafriends.com/uploads/profile/photo-thumb-8641.jpg[/img] nice thread [img]http://www.andhrafriends.com/uploads/profile/photo-thumb-8641.jpg[/img][img]http://www.andhrafriends.com/uploads/profile/photo-thumb-8641.jpg[/img]

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[quote name='KAALAANTAKUDU' timestamp='1329497291' post='1301424674']
naku thread and multithreading concept evaranna explain cheyandi. asalu thread anedi class aa leka method aa?

OK mama ....nuvvu neee laptop mundesukoni AFDB lo post lu vesthu .. VLC lo songs vintu background lo , malli nuvvu ninna downoad chesinaa pirated movie ni back up kosam extarnel HDD lo ko copy chesthunavu anukooo ....

so neee opertaing system okatee sari ginni panulu chesthundi kadhaa so adi MULTI PROCCESSING (do not confuse with MULTI THREADING)

so nee operating system internal gaaa [b]okka time lo okatee process ni run chesthundi[/b] but manam at the same time multiple taskulu (adhee VLC , coping ilaa) run chesthunam so idhi ela possible anteee ....anni process la ni oka line lo petti prathi process ki koncham koncham time isthaa untadi atlaaa anni processes laki time share chesthaa untadhi mana opertaing system ... [b]kani ee time sharing dhimma dirigee antaa SPEED tho eee pani chesthundi[/b] kabbati mana ki anni same time lo neee avuthunayee aneee feeling vosthudni ....

inka JAVA kuda mana operating Sytem ki OKA process eee....... adhi emi pedda topu kadhu (atleast for OS) ee OS anni process la ki time ichi natee JAVA ki kuda kontaaa time isthaa untadi .... so mari java lo same time lo multiple programms ela run cheyali ... dhanikeee java lo multithreading programm anee concept vochindi ...... so oka programm ni chinna chinna mukka lu gaa chesi ee mukka ki aa mukka induvidual gaaa runchesthy avilable time lo ekkuvaaa pani chesukovachu gaaa .... so ee each mukka oka thread anna mata ........

so THREAD is a class in java which has some capabilites to run parlally with other threads ........meegatha bagam malli chepukundam mama .....

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