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Any Suggestions Please.....


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Naa situation idhi bhayya….I went to DMV to renew my DL this weekend in Chicago Suburbs last weekend. Naku license ivaalemu ani annaru under these 2 reasons.

1) My employer address on I797 is not in Illinois, my employer is based in boston , MA. So they need additional documentation from government that I can stay or work in IL (Asalu na DL ki maa employer address ki relation ento naku ardham kaledhu, naa address IL lo unte chalu kadha. Im not sure from when they are checking all these stuff)

2) My visa (H1B) end date is 04/25/2013, so they cannot issue a license if there are not more than 6 months left on my Visa unta.

I tried to go to another DMV too in the same locality, akkada kuda exactly same answers. Ippudu naa options enti, evarikayina same situation edurayindha. Any suggestions how to get a license?

ippudu tvaralo snow padutundhi, naku license lekunte inka pack ee…poni lite anukoni nadipi na, ikkada IL lo license lekunda nadapadam okka crime unta. Evadunna aapithe direct bokka lo tostharunta. Inka aa snow lo kani bandi skid ayyi nenu accident chesthe, naa pani assam ee…inka dheekini thodu naa car reg kuda expire ayindhi.

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ee state lo ayina compulsory 6 months valid visa undali...

kakopthe aa first rule matram ekada vinaledu...

oksari michigan dagara kada, 3 hr drive anukunta,

akada temporary ga address(friends address) lo peti renewal chestaro kanuko... (mundu akada DMV chesi enquiry cheyi may be valu cheyachu)

idi naa suggesstion..if not possible sorry

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Thanks Bhayya, Nadhi actually florida license, so maa patha oorlone isthunarunta.
Maa patha roomate ki call chesthe chepadu, vadiki 3 months visa unte 3 months ki license icharunta.
Nenu back akkadike address change cheyinchu koni try chestha.

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