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Do You Know The Name Of The Movie.


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Hi Everybody,
I was trying to find the name of a movie for some time but unable to find it. Please see the details and post if you know it.

Hero: Suman
The story follows like, Suman is a regular guy. Some goon hit him and throw him in a cave, where he will get some pot with a genie.
Genie helps him to get revenge over the guys.

I know this is very vague, but if anyone could figure this out, please post the name of the movie.

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[quote name='praneeth236' timestamp='1362605888' post='1303376571']
No, atma bhandam lo vade ghost ga maarataadu
but he will not die in this movie. vaadiki oka genie dorukutaadu
may b maruthi

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