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codebreakers.. there are other code breakers than Alan turing during world war two who built much more complicated machines to break the code.






William Thomas Tutte


colossus code breaking



William) Gordon Welchman is the one who built the machine for Alan Turings design. It is very complicated to build.

He taught first computers at class at MIT USA.




Lorenz Sz4 cipher


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Thomas "Tommy" Harold Flowers, MBE (22 December 1905 – 28 October 1998) was a British engineer. During World War II, Flowers designed Colossus, the world's first programmable electronic computer, to help solve encrypted German messages









Marian Adam Rejewski


how Rejewski developed Bombe mahine in 1932 and how later Alan Turing enhanced the idea.

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Konrad Zusekonrad_zuse.jpg

  • Developed the Z1, Z3, and Z4 the first programmable (modern) computer, making him the father of the computer.
  • Wrote the first algorithmic programming language called 'Plankalkül' in 1946.
  • One of the first people to create a commercial computer and computer company.

Originally named the V1, the Z1, which began development in 1936 by Germany'sKonrad Zuse in his parents' living room, is considered the first electro-mechanical binary programmable computer. The Z1 had 64-word memory (each word contained 22 bits) and a clock speed of 1 Hz. Both programming and output were generated using punch tape with a specific reader. Below is a picture taken in 1937 of the Z1 computer.


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