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Can Some One Share D(Dd)U(Uu)I(Iiiiii) Visaaaa Stamping In Jamaic@

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can you please share yours  or  your friend experience if they went to visa stamping to Jamaica on DUI .

I heard people with DUI are going there for stamping but I dont see posts murthy forms.


Info like procedures at Jamaica consulate for  doctor appointment

what kind of health screening they are doing,

Documents to carry for DUI and VO questions.


Please shed some light on me.

Happy Diwali.


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One experience:-



My case is F1-H1 in Jamaica with DUI in 2012, which was reduced to reckless driving. 
Nov 14th, 9:30 am my interview Time. 
Everyone know the process so making it short. Please understand the content don’t try to find errors or Typos. My intension is to provide some information about DUI cases at immigration which I couldn’t find when I need it. Hope this helps for those in need.
Now you enter the interview room, first you need to go through the biometrics, you need to submit your fingerprints at two counters, 
Right here I think they got me. when I placed my fingers , might be my record was popped up In RED , she then typed something and was waiting for someone to be acknowledged , I think she was making a note about my arrest on my case .
Now I was asked to stand in 22nd counter, he looks like some Asian but he is not the Korean guy who everyone was talking about. This guy looks like in his early 30’s.
VO: Good morning
Me: Good morning officer
VO: are you with the same employer (Looking at my I-797)
Me: Yes officer
VO: how long you been working for this employer 
Me:3 yrs. 7 months
VO: did you do your masters?
Me: yes officer 
VO: where did you do?
Me: XXXXXXXXXXX University, California
VO: which Major?
Me: Masters in Computer Engineering
VO: were you arrested?
Me: yes sir, IN 2012 for DUI, it was reduced to reckless driving.
VO: he is now checking something, he took pink slip and he went back to get some white slip which has instructions for the medical exam.
Me: I have supporting documents for my arrest and the case is now closed, I can show you if you want, 
VO: don’t worry, it’s normal, we have to go through this who have dui. It won’t take much time, it will be cleared in 2 weeks, 
He gave me that pink slip, he checked the box Others in that slip and mentioned medical exam in that slip.
Then he asked, do you have any client? I said yes officer, I work for XXXX Client.
That’s it, he told me to schedule an appointment for medicals at any of the two prescribed hospitals in Jamaica, one is in Kingston and other is in Montego Bay.
He gave back my passport and i797. pink slip and white slip which has instructions for the medicals .then he said , you will receive an email to reschedule your appointment , when you are done with your medicals and received your reports , then schedule a follow-up interview and submit the reports to VO(don’t open the reports they will be sealed in envelop). 
I called Kingston hospital to schedule appointment for Medicals but they don’t have it until 26th nov, I went to hospital in person and explained them my situation .they convinced and scheduled an appointment on 17th which was the earliest.
Meanwhile I got email from embassy to reschedule my follow-up interview , I checked the earliest dates , one I found is 20th , 29th , I want to do this as soon as I can , so I just scheduled on 20th , thought I will request hospital guys to return my reports as soon as they can , in two days . Initially they dint agree to give my reports in 2 days but on request they gave me my reports on 20th afternoon.
Monday I went to Kingston for medicals, 8am, prepare to be there for at least 6 hours.
As part of medicals they did Eye checkup, X-Ray of chest, blood test and Urine test for alcohol evaluation. Then I need to consult a doctor, met some lady doctor, she asked what happened that day when I was arrested and why was I there? Are you addicted to alcohol, how you feel about this situation? Are you still drinking? How much do you drink, did you ever try quitting all this and that, everything will be in her hands now, she has to give us clear certificate else we are rejected.be careful with your answers, they will trick you. Better avoid alcohol for some time before you go for this medicals. (I stopped for 2 months before I attend this interview)
I just said , that was a wrong time, I won’t usually drink , even if I drink I won’t drive, I am occasional drinker, it was an office party and my colleagues forced me to drink , even I had only 2 beers , you can check my BAC , it is just over the limit. After this incident I quit drinking, last time I had was more than 2 months back , that too it was my girlfriends birthday , I drank at home, dint drive too.blah blah blah .. 
Then she asked me to lay on that bed and she checked my breath and something pressing my stomach, then we are done. 
She said I will be ok, don’t worry, she just need to check the blood test and urine test, then she can give a report. It will take 2 days, 
I had my interview at 1:30 20th Nov finally at 12:30 pm on 20th I got my reports and a CD with my Chest X-ray pics. Which I don’t need to carry to embassy, she said, don’t open the envelop. Submit it to the VO directly, 
Then I went to embassy at 1PM and I was in at 1:30, but I was waiting there for 3 hrs. , they said concerned VO is not available , so we waiting waiting , then it is 3:50 ,now some security guys came in , only two 221g are waiting , me and another Jamaican , then he went in and told the VOs that we are waiting there, 
Now one VO called me, (Young white Lady). She asked me where is your medical report , I handed it to her , then she said , they will be closing now, and they don’t have time to review the reports, I requested her , that I have been here waiting for 3 hrs. and no one called me till now, and I am here in Jamaica for 10 days, can you please look into this now, she opened the envelop and she said, they need time, she can’t give any decision now, I told her that I have court order and other certifications that I completed as a part of my court order, she said they will help and asked to provide them, I gave them all those documents and medical report and passport with i797. 
She said , we will try to approve this as soon as we can , I asked how can I know the decision , she told me I need to check it online, but it won’t change today or tomorrow , try to check on Monday that is 24th nov , then I left embassy
Waiting for the status change, no update 21st, 24th no update, one more day 25th no update, now I started losing hope, I have been sending emails and trying to talk to customer service, only response I get is your application is still in admin processing.
Finally on Dec 1st 4PM, my status changed to Issued (Now I am relaxed).
Usually it takes 4 business days to get my passport from DHL after the status changed to Issued, but lucky I got my passport on 4th 2pm. 
I booked my flight on 5th to XXXX city, via Miami. 
Port of entry is Miami 
I know there will be secondary checking for DUIs, I was prepared for that, 
Immigration officer asked me, are you working for Xxx Company looking at my Visa, 
I said yes sir. 
What do you do at Xxxx Company?
I work as xxxxxx engineer, 
Place your fingers for biometrics, then he said, ok, please wait for the secondary checking, someone will come and take you to other room, 
Someone came to me and took my passport and asked me to follow him,
He asked me to sit there until someone call you, 
After 10 mins, one officer called me, 
He was looking in his system for my case, I think he couldn’t find anything in that, 
He asked me, were you arrested? 
I said yes sir, in 2012
Why were you arrested? 
I said DUI
He was cool, he said, oh DUI, no problem, it’s not a big deal,
He is still looking for my case in his system, he couldn’t find me,
He asked which state were you arrested in, I said XXXXXX state, then he tried looking in XXXXX state database, still he couldn’t find me, 
Then he asked, did you go through any lawyer?
I said yes.
Your lawyer is too good man, I can’t find you 
I said yes sir, he is very expensive, 
He was discussing with his colleague sitting next to him, even other guy was not sure, why he is not able to find me in his system.
Then officer said, your case might have been expunged (which was not, I know). I don’t know why he couldn’t find me, but I was feeling lucky, 
Then officer said, he will add a note in my record saying that I don’t need to be send for secondary checking here after as there is nothing on my file regarding the arrest, which is really good for me, I was soo lucky that I went to him, then he said now you can go all clear, hope you won’t need to stand here next time you enter US, 
I was happy and leaving, some other officer asked me to stop and he asked for my passport, then he was again looking for something, I don’t know what he is looking for, after 5 mins he said, I am entering some information which the POE officer missed to enter when you pass him, I felt relaxed, then he let me go out now,
Then the last check , customs , it was nothing , just return the customs form with passport , but the customs officer also asked , where do I work , what do I do , what does my employer do , I dint expect these questions from the customs guys, I said everything blah blah , now finally everything is done , now time for domestic travel , officially back IN US now . Soo happy.
I know I said I will make it short, but can’t make it shorter than this: P
Hope this will help for those who are worried about DUI case affecting H1b interview and immigration.

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