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List Of Cpt Giving Universities Pros/cons

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Hi all,

I applied for H1b regular. anni consultancy nunchi atleast 3 or 4 pick avuthunnayi regular h1's. Maa vaadi daggara inthavaraku evarki regular h1 result emi teleeledhu. 


Universities apply cheyyalani decide ayyanu. 



University 1: 


Sullivan University is tri- semister. antey 3 months okasari 5000$ kattali. masters program one year lo ipothundhi  motham 24k bokka. 



CPT vasthundhi. you can work anywhere in US. no radius limit. 


Dis advantages:

One year lo course ipothundhi, So malli H1b oka chance eh untundhi. ah oka chance ki 24000$ karchu pettali. 


Note: Sullivan univ SOP lo baaga strict. copy kottintey admission reject avuthundhi. So check in google for " plagiarism detection free online" ani search cheyyandi. 

or use this site 



upload your sop and check for plagiarism detection. 



University  2: 


Wilmington University, Delaware


ikkada tri semister oh kaadh teleedhu. veellu international admissions phone lo maatladaru. only in person kalavaali. or email to 

[email protected] 



University 3:


Harrisburg University, Delaware

Ikkada kuda rules emi teleedhu. I am in process to get some info. as soon as info teliyagaaney post chesthanu. 



Universities selection ki follow avvalsina basic rules:

Rule 1: look for 2 years program (so that h1b apply cheyyadaniki malli 2 chances untundhi 2016 and 2017) 

Rule 2: Ask university whether we get CPT and work only certain radius to the campus. (konni universities lo ah rule undhi. 150 miles radius daati velli work cheyakudadhu ani) 

Rule 3: University meedha emaina prsthuthaniki bad talk and case lu nadusthunnaya. lekapotehy within 2 years lo tri valley ki inattu ee university emaina avuthundha ani kocnhem chuskoni cheraali. 



Silicon Valley Univ gurinchi emaina telusa bro ?? join avocha emaina prob vastaya........

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Harrisburg University:


ISO vallatho matlada week ago


Monthly once college


3 or 4 months not sure gurtu ledu cheppaka kuda


Fees per subject 2400$  


oka semister ki 2 subjects teesukovochu (2400+2400===4800$+500$-admission fee every time register inanduku)


so per month 1350$ 


Course work full ga estaru anta(friend through assignments gurunchi kanukunna)  Sulivan university lagey copy paste kudaradu plagersim strict



Weekly oka 4-6 hours kurchovali assignments kosam


Naku telisina information cheppa


ISO Harrisburg University point of contact:   Madhuri Civirala

E-mail:  [email protected]





326 Market Street

Harrisburg, PA 17101 
Main 717.901.5100
Direct 717.901.5153

[email protected]


Edi block list lo padindi naku telsina info for sure..............

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Edi block list lo padindi naku telsina info for sure..............

bhayya...koncham information istava deni gurinchi...nenu harrisburg anukutuna next month ninchi...

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Kimberly Anderson
[email protected]
(302) 225-6331

Enrolling F-1 international graduate applicants currently in the U.S.


eemeku mail pettaa.. to get info from GBU. 


waiting for the response. may be monday isthundhi emo. reply raangaaney i will update here.

cpt isthara, radius limit undha, toefl score waive chesthara masters certificate chupisthey, frequency to attend the university ani adigaanu. 


Inka fees entha, tri semester ah, 2 year course ah ani adagaledhu. monday call chesi matladachu.... 



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aa title endi...aa english lo disco endi..telugu lo cheyyandi vayya disco...no english plz. meeku unna options ee eeteeyou, haaaarisssburger, sulli van, heerguaan. veetilo edi close ga unte adi vellandi. in case of Pros and Cons ante anni cons untayi. petition appudu elagu rrffee paduddi. daaniki travel prroofs aduguthadu. college nundi verification aduguthadu. college vallu elagu verification istharu. so anthe.

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GBC nundi naaku vachina response. Hope this gives some info for people who are looking for GBC admission 


Thank you for your interest in GBC’s Master’s Degree Programs.  Upcoming session start dates can be found here: http://www.gbc.edu/regbul/. Be aware that all of our students must physically live within a three-hour drive of the college and work within a one-hour drive of home. We require proof of address through either a signed lease agreement or a new driver’s license. If Saturday classes become full, you may have to accept attending classes once a week in the evening from 5:30 – 10:30 p.m.


In order to continue the admissions process, you will need to submit the following documents:


1.      Online Application (Graduate Int’l)- go.gbc.edu/grad-intl-apply (you will receive an automated e-mail confirmation once the application has been successfully submitted & received; also, there is no application fee)

2.      Official academic transcript(s) from your undergraduate degree (in English) and the diploma page, and from any graduate degrees.  We need original transcript hard copies from any U.S. schools mailed to us.

3.      Photocopies of your visa, I-94/stamp from most recent entry to the US and passport (no blank pages)

4.      Photocopies of all previously issued I-20’s, first and third pages.

5.      Bank Statement and/or Affidavit of Support, showing that you have at least $31,741 in funds, which takes into account the tuition & fees plus estimated living expenses for one academic year. (I need the original Affidavit of Support).  If you are currently working and plan to keep that same job knowing the CPT rules listed below, then you are allowed to submit the last two months’ worth of pay stubs instead of the bank statement. An additional $10,000 will need to be shown for each dependent, if applicable.


Only the above listed documents are required for F1 transfer students. Please do not send additional documentation unless absolutely necessary, or requested by us. All of your documents can be scanned and emailed to [email protected] for processing. We request that you do not copy anyone else on this email, as everyone from the graduate international department has access to this email ID. Please make sure that your emails are no larger than 9mb each, and are in the following formats only: .pdf, .doc, .jpg, or .zip.


Application deadlines can be found here: http://www.gbc.edu/admissions/international/graduate.html. Applications are reviewed on the 1st and 15th of each month. Once all of your documents have been submitted, your file will be placed into the next available review session. Decisions are then emailed within 7 business days of the review.


If accepted to the College, we will provide an acceptance letter and an I-20 transfer form to give to your current school, so that they may transfer your SEVIS record. Your new I-20 would then be provided to you on the first day of class.


Our cost per credit is $1,025 per credit, but if you receive our graduate scholarship based on your former grades, each credit will cost $800.  Each class is three credits, thus each class would cost you $2,400. Each semester (fall, spring & summer) is divided into two eight-week sessions. There are six classes per year: Fall I, Fall II, Spring I, Spring II, Summer I and Summer II. You must attend them all consecutively to be in F-1 status, taking a minimum of one class each session. The master’s degree requires 36 credits, a total of 12 classes. 


Classes meet either one night a week (Mon –Thurs) from 5:30pm – 10:00pm, or on four Saturdays per session from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm. If you take one class per session (considered full-time), it will take you two years to complete your degree. 


The cost of one subject, tuition and fees, is $3,075.  If awarded scholarship (scholarship is based on previous academic performance and awarded at the time acceptance is determined), scholarship will reduce the cost of one subject to $2,400.  Students are billed at the start of each semester for both Session I and Session II classes, so billing occurs three times a year for $6,150 ($4,800 with scholarship).  The first semester, you are expected to make an initial payment of $3,000 and the balance can be paid in monthly installments.  After the first semester, the installment plan can be used for the full amount.  A new payment plan must be completed with our Business office at the start of each semester. At GBC, we call filling out this plan being “financially registered,” and you need to do it or your account will be frozen.


Health insurance is also required of all students, so you need to tell us if you already have your own plan or if you will take ours.  Our annual plan costs $1,140, but is prorated to a lesser amount if you begin at a later date.  If you currently have health insurance, after acceptance you can waive GBC’s insurance plan by entering your details here:http://www.gbc.edu/student_affairs/healthinsurance.html. Submitting your insurance card with your application does not automatically waive the health insurance charge.


Here are the CPT rules.  You can work CPT from the beginning of our college session only if you meet the following criteria:


1.      You must have graduated from an accredited U.S. school and finished your OPT (or completed a minimum of 2 semesters of study in an accredited U.S. school)

2.      Your job MUST relate to your degree here

3.      You MUST physically live within three-hour drive from Wilmington, Delaware and work within a one-hour drive of your home (no exceptions)

4.      You must attend all classes, without fail, and maintain a 3.0 GPA


You pay one credit for CPT per year (not charged to your account until after approval), and your CPT is good for one year.  At the end of one year, you will need to write a paper for a grade, and your employer must evaluate your work performance.  Then, you will need to reapply for CPT to renew it and pay one more credit for one more year.  Your CPT lasts as long as you are a student with us, up to two years maximum.  To maintain full-time status you can take one class at a time, but you must attend in Spring, Summer and Fall semesters consecutively. If you want a big break to travel home, the best time is between mid-December and mid-January when there are no classes in session. You can ask for the CPT requirements only after you are accepted, paid, and registered for classes.  It takes a minimum of two weeks for CPT to be approved, so make sure we have your ORIGINAL CPT paperwork MAILED to us with original signatures two weeks before you wish to begin working.


If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.   We can be reached via e-mail at [email protected]. Thank you!

Kimberly Anderson
International Recruitment Specialist
[email protected] | Ph (302) 225-6331 | Fax (302) 996-5408

Goldey-Beacom College | www.gbc.edu
4701 Limestone Road, Wilmington, DE 19808

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aa title endi...aa english lo disco endi..telugu lo cheyyandi vayya disco...no english plz. meeku unna options ee eeteeyou, haaaarisssburger, sulli van, heerguaan. veetilo edi close ga unte adi vellandi. in case of Pros and Cons ante anni cons untayi. petition appudu elagu rrffee paduddi. daaniki travel prroofs aduguthadu. college nundi verification aduguthadu. college vallu elagu verification istharu. so anthe.



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Title telugu lo pettali ani edit cheyyadaniki anni options chusa. ekkada kanapadaledhu bro. 


incase title change chesey  option eh ledhu antey ee thread motham delete chesi malli new thread start cheyyali. lekapothey ela edit cheyalo cheppandi evaraina. 

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