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Request For Additional Evidence Notice Was Mailed

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Hello folks,


I applied for a H1 transfer and it got denied on 6/19/15 and we (I & attorney, Employer) still do not know the reason as we haven’t received the denial notice letter yet..


I checked online and informed to company and attorney and they said we will wait till we receive the letter and take decisions. But I'm worried about my status and want to know how can I stay in the US and get a valid Status. 


My first H1 was picked in the lottery in 2013 filed by Company 'A'and was approved and was activated from October '13. And later after one year, In October '14 I got a full time job in Company 'B' and had my H1 trasferred and H1 was filed sometime end of September on regular processing and I started working with just the receipt number, before getting any result(approved/rejected). And for somereason, Company was laying Off teams members all over the nation and I wanted to be safe/secured with the Status issues and so looked for a new job and got a new project as a contractor. So I left Company 'B' while the H1 was still in processing and  and filed for new H1 with Company 'C' with Premium processing and started working with the receipt number. And after I started working with Company 'C', my previous H1 with Company was Approved. And now after I applied with Company 'C', after 6 months of time and 2 RFEs H1 was denied Friday 6/19/15, and reasons are still not know at this point of time. 


My H1 with Company 'C' has one Prime vendor "P" and client "T". 

First RFE said they need prime vendor's letter, as it was mentioned that I from Company 'C' is working for prime vendor "P".  Prime vendor "P" provided a letter saying candidate is working for us. Later USCIS called the manager who gave the letter over the phone and requested for information regarding me, and he said Yes, the candidate works for us and we will contract him out to Clients. My LCA and H1 petition had Client location as work location. 

Second RFE said that the letter is from prime vendor "P" and work location is Client "T"(as they googled and found that the location said it was Client "T") and now they asked for Client letter, which I provided from Client "T". And now it the case status says, petition I-129 is denied and denial notice has been mailed and the option for me. 


1. What are the options, I have in order to stay in the country and what about my current Status?

2. What and how is going to help if my current Company 'C' re-opens/reapplies the same petition? How long does this take to process? Can I stay in the US while reapplying? 

3. Can I opt for changing the status, like joining a college ? Will that be helpful in anyway? And does this change of status will affect me if I apply H1, like should I wait till April quota or next year? or I will not have to wait? 

4. What if my both previous companies do not accept me to rehire or what if they accept? is that an option at all ? (P.S I do not have good terms with my previous employers) 

5. What will be my status if I apply a new H1 with same company "C" for a new project? or new employer new H1?

Any information provided is greatly appreciated.


Thank you all very much.

nuvvu F1 option ready ga unchukovali tammudu...tappala ledu..you neeed be in some status to fight for the status...

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On 6/22/2015 at 10:25 AM, futureofandhra said:



Any issue with this?My EAC status shows this.

Does it mean my application mostly rejected?



Experts please suggest any ideas?

No issues anna 

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