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**urgent Help**h1B Rfe For Evaluation For Letter From Dean Or Provost

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I have BE degree..Bachelors in Computer  Science and Engineering with more than 9 years of experience. New H1B was filed for Programmer Analyst position but used a very old educational evaluation. I got the below RFE now. Please suggest on the approach for this RFE and if anyone got similar RFE earlier - 
Beneficiary Qualifications
The evaluation of the beneficiary's education submitted by you is not acceptable because it doesnt include a lefter from the dean or provost of the offrcial's affiliated educational institution, stating that the evaluating ofiicial has the authority to grant college-level credit for training and/or experience.
An acceptable evaluations should:
1. State if the collegiate training was post-secondary education i,. e. whether the applicant completed the United States equivalent of high school before entering college;
2. Provide a detailed explanation of the material evaluated rather than a simple conclusory stalement
3. Briefly state the qualifications and experience of the evaluator providing the opinion.
1)      "With the evaluation, the official must include a letter from the dean or provost ofthe official's affiliated educational institution, stating that the evaluating official has the authority to grant college level credit for training and/or experience.
2)      The dean or provost must also state in the letter whether the affiliated educational institution has a program for granting credit based on an individual's training and/or work experience."
If you want U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services(USCIS) to make a determination on the equivalence of the beneficiary's work experience,provide documentation to demonstrate that:
1. The beneficiary's work experience included the theoretical and practical application of specialized knowledge required by the specialty;
2. The claimed experience was gained while working with peers supervisors and/or subordinates who have a degree or equivalent in the specialty; and
3. The beneficiary has recognition of expertise in the specialty evidenced by at least one type of documentation such as:
A. Recognition of expertise in the specialty occupation by at least two recognized authorities in the same specialty occupation;
B. Membership in a recognized foreign or U.S. association or society in the specialty occupation;
C. Published material by or about the alien in professional publications,trade joumals,or major newspapers;
D. Licensure or registration to practice the specialty occupation in a foreign country; or
E. Achievements that a recognized authority has determined to be significant contributions to the field of the specialty occupation.
You must submit documentation to support the evaluation, such as letters from peers, supervisors, and/or subordinates who worked with the beneficiary and can attest to the claimed experience;awards issued to the beneficiary; licenses or registralion of the beneficiary to practice the specialty occupation; etc
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