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Can I Visit India Without Amendment And Having H1B Visa Stamp?

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Currentga amendment cheincha, Already RFE padadhi and malli documents pampithey clear aindhi, so I got new 797 form.


I am planing to go to india for H1B Stamping this month(Sept 2015) and USA back vachaka malli client change avtha because ee job contract aipothundhi and now can i re-visit india without amendment..  this time? Because Actually (Dec 2015) ki nenu india surega vellali. so  malli amendemend chesi malli RFE padthay chala time waste avthundhi and dec 2015 dhatuthundhemo ani bhayam, so Stamping recentga paddaka malli client marithey amendment avasarama, ? any risks?


If no problem, then DEc 2015 visit ayyaka malli back USA vasthay apudu amendment chesthay emaina problem untundha? help Please.   CITI#H@


Thank you.

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