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On 1/19/2020 at 2:07 AM, dasari4kntr said:

"AFDB Directory" purpose is to have the curated list of threads handy.

If you want to add links or modifications to index, please post the links in comments. Based on up-votes to the comments, links will be added or removed.
Weekly once moderation.



Songs & Music Related Discussions

  1. Favorite Songs Discussion
  2. Telugu Folk Songs

Movies & Documentaries Discussions

  1. Documentaries Mega Thread
  2. Movie Discussions (Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hot star..etc)
  3. ***** Movies you watched Today/Weekend & Rating *****
  4. Rants on Telugu Movies
  5. my guidence to Star Wars beginners

Fun, Memes & Other Funny Discussions

  1. S-Team ( Contact Amrita for application forms)
  2. LOL - Memes

Technology, Software & Career Discussion

  1. !!! Technology suggestions???

NSFW - (some chilipi threads)

  1. Beauties - NSFW
  2. Angels in Saree

Marriage & Matrimony Discussions

  1. Elite Matrimony Discussions
  2. Marriage Stories

S386 & Immigration Related Discussions

  1. S386 Discussion
  2. Supreme Court green lights "public charge" immigration rule - Discussion
  3. Recent H1 stamping experience
  4. Visa Dates in HYD Consulate
  5. Immigration Experts - Please help !

Cricket Discussions

  1. ****IND vs AUS 3 ODIs - JAN 2020****
  2. ****INDIA TOUR OF NEW ZEALAND 2020 - 5 T20Is, 3 ODIs, 2 TESTs****
  3. IPL 2020


CARS Related Discussions

  1. Seat Belts On In Rear Seat
  2. Car Maintenance Tips/ Suggestions
  3. Car Suggestions
  4. Electric cars with full incentive

Fashion & Trends

  1. Sneaker Thread


  1. Photography Thread

Political Disco & Popular Political Fights in DB

  1. #3DaysPulkaChallenge
  2. Where did Kashmiriyat go when there was a genocide against Kashmiri Pandits?

Visiting Places & Tourism

  1. Places to visit on Longwknd - All States at one place - EVery Other state


  1. Gifs = Db Members
  2. Excavated gifs from old threads


Other Miscellaneous

  1. Telugu podcasts



Nice nsfw thread kuda add chesav chudu anduku gp

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On 2/15/2020 at 2:39 AM, dasari4kntr said:

Idi maree controversial... 

endi adi?

Sorry, we can't show this content because you do not have permission to see it.

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4 hours ago, johnydanylee said:

endi adi?

Sorry, we can't show this content because you do not have permission to see it.

Adhi last Friday sensational thread about some db member scam leaks...


I expected that Thread will be deleted ...so i didnt add

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