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Love vs Sex


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1 minute ago, LazyRohit said:

Love lekunda y sex?

Loving a person involves sexbraces_1


Sex u can do with anyone love not needed but love chesi sex lekunda undochu kani evaru undaru ani telling

yes love lo attraction and sexual feelings untayyi so its hard to resist 

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7 minutes ago, HEROO said:


it depneds on relationship man

sex vs love is only in case of partner


love is bigger than sex in all other relationships, so love is permanant

Whats rpg age 28? 
ne age 29?

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The main difference between love and sex is that sex can exist without love, and love cant exist without sex, at least in our world. I like sex, but now because of social distancing, it can be a problem to have sex, that`s why I use hookup sites with webcams. I read reviews on Hookupmasters, and found a lot of interesting webcam sites. There are reviews of top adult sites to any taste, and I think anyone can find something for his interests.

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