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H1B Transfer question

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I am currently working for company A on H1B with valid Visa until March 31st 2020 which is same as my I94 as well.The company A is also in the process of filing my extension in the regular quota.


Now I got an offer today with company B,who is ready to file my H1B transfer on premium processing,so that I get a approved petition  before March 31st 2020.

I have mentioned to company B,that I would put my papers in the current company A only after I get approved transfer petition.

So my queries are as below 

1)In case my H1 transfer  with company B is approved between March 20th and 25th,can I join company B after serving a notice period of 2 weeks with company A which might cross March 31st ?

2)Is it safe to put papers in company A where my current extension is applied (in regular processing) as I have got an approved transfer petition with company B?

3)In case my H1 transfer is approved with company B after March 31st,what are the steps I have to take to move to company B from company A?

4)Will the March 31st  dead line and the extension applied from company A have any effect on my company B, H1B transfer approvals?


Please provide your inputs on this situation.

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thanks bro

On 3/1/2020 at 11:58 AM, superhit3 said:

1). Yes

2). transfer petition approve avvagane ....u can safely put down the papers with A

3). Put notice of 2 weeks and then move out

4). No effect on each other

Thanks a lot bro

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