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h1b is modern day slavery?

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h1b is similar to modern day slavery anta ani chala gola chestunnaru mana vallu. h1b visa is not the ideal situation but please dayachesi h1b situation ni patha slavery tho kaani modern day slavery tho compare cheyyaddu. chala cringy gaa undi..


olden days slavery --black people were captured and transported to the USA in chains in boats in which many of them died. forced to work on plantations. Woman constantly raped. Forced mate selcection.

modern slavery - this is the kind of things people are enduring in their life as we speak - just a few examples. 

1. Middle East lo Indians ki treatment ela untundo thelusa meeku? Their passports are taken away. 20 people sleep in 1 small room. They cannot make phone calls to India. Do you know what kind of climate they work in in the construction industry?


2. African child labor gurinchi thelusa meeku? 

3. Human sex trafficking gurinchi thelusa meeku? It is happening in the US also.

inka chala jaruguthunnay ee world lo - tell me if you are interested in reading about the suffering of MODERN DAY HUMANS and i will show you more.

Meanwhile we are earning high salaries compared to others (go compare your household salary to the median household salary of your zip code). Living in homes which average Americans are not able to afford.

And we have the audacity to call ourselves modern day slaves?

H1B visa is not ideal and green card is preferable but ilanti comparisons dayachesi aapandi. No one will sympathize with our situation when we make comparisons such as these.



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