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Bigg Boss Telugu season 5.....winner VJ Sunny … congratulations


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7 minutes ago, TopLechipoddi said:

Peddha psycho la unnadu...

jebu lo okka rupai ledhanta, bichapodu anta.

sunaina ne dabbulu ichindhi ani kuda annadu, naakesthunna, ee chance kuda aa pilla daya ani

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16 hours ago, csrcsr said:

Siri great middle class ninchi e level ki vachindi ante

smart ass aa shannu gadni use chesukoni final varaku vacchindi bane oka 25 lacs earned... girls ki correct use chesukutne opps chala ekkuva ala ani evadiki padithe vadiki padakudadu 

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On 12/11/2021 at 11:14 PM, YOU said:

arey evadra idi chesindi... veellaki different dimension lo different gaa telecast avuthundaa? em maatladuthunnara brain lo naralu cut ayyela vunnai yem-matladuthunnavuraa-naralu-cut-ayipoi


Winner #SMK

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