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How you treat your Friends wife?


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Friend pendlaam ni kooda thappu ga choostha ...alanti friends ni maintain cheseyvaadu pedha idiot and bufoon anattu...

Evaru tho padithey vaaditho friendship chesthey itlaney untundhi...

Similarly manam kooda oka so called friend pendlaam ni tappu ga choosthey....we are an enemy to him rather friend...

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10 minutes ago, Sputnik said:

 Better to keep things simple once married.

Edho few hrs hangout avvadam okay gaani antha mandhi anni days too much.

malla alcohol, weed and ended up so awkward.

%$#$ masth seppinav

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1 hour ago, Veta said:

I treat them as sister, but want to share an incident.

No morals,, no who’s right or wrong or no good or bad.. just a share..

 It was 2018 Feb, group of 6 couples, all masters frnds from 2010 booked a 7 bed home in Tahoe. Stay was for 4 nights… 2nd night… all couples were high on either alcohol or weed except me and another frnd, a girl, also my masters classmate… we don’t drink or take weed.. we are kind of drivers and look after all the others… they started consuming at 7 .. someone wanted to play slot machines at 12.. No one including my wife and the girl’s husband are in control... we managed to bring all of them to rental again at 3 in the morning… we two are completely exhausted.. and dropped every couple in their rooms… and we were back in our s as well… I wanted to check office email and browse for a bit before going to bed… so I was sitting in large living room… at around 4 am… another frnd’s wife came for water she is still high from weed… I can smell that when she say on the other end of the sofa. First she sat, then slept and then started to remove her top and came kissed/hugged me.. I was in shock and also aroused.. embarrassed.. and for a bit I took control and started to proceed… then came into senses after we accidentally pushed a roller suitcase and it fell and made a huge noise.. but then she was relentless and took me towards the kitchen. I decided to stop her.. she tried to give a handjob.. but I pushed away.. I know if it goes any step forward, I wouldn’t be able to control. Then told her to stop and asked her to dress herself and go back to her room… 


it was my ethics that made me stop it.. it wasn’t for my frnd or his friendship… and I am not a good looking guy aswell for her to lose control of herself… or she behaved such way in past 4 yrs that I have know n her.. she was a very balanced, witty and soft spoken.. it’s just that night she lost control on her self.. 

It was all awkward to face her and mostly avoided through out the trip…on the 4th evening.. all 6 couples were standing in gondola for ride up the snow mountain for dinner with sunset view.. on ride up someone screamed at from behind on me… the scream was “for duck sake.. stop touching me all over” it was the same girl… so by the way she screamed and stared after that.. her husband got rilled up… and started to abuse me.. but other frnds stopped him.. I was calm as I was shellshocked and trying to understand why she screamed at me.. the girl wanted to leave the group and husband agreed and they left that night.. i thought of talking to my frnd but then realized I don’t have a chance to convince him that I didn’t do anything.. without his wife telling him that I didn’t do anything.. so gave up… and let them leave on 4th night… my wife was firmly standing behind me.. saying he is not that kind of person.. I felt bad for her.. she cried after reaching our room.. saying it’s not the accusation that s hurting.. but the way people looked at you.. that got my blood boiling… 


5 th morning,, last day of start.. when all the 5 couples were having tea and breakfast in home.. one of my frnds said sorry for not standing by u last evening.. we got to know the truth… apparently , the whole 4 th evening incident has be recorded in one of couple phone while they are taking videos of the gondola ride..and they shared it with rest of the couples.. but then the discussion happened .. why she targeted you of all the men in the group.. I was silent.. and added nothing to discussion… we started loading stuff into car… the first girl.. who doesn’t drink or smoke came to our car and said that she saw what happened on the 3rd morning in the living room and kitchen… my respect on you has gone up on the night that you said no to the nude girl.. and tripled the respect today by being calm, when you could have revealed what she did 2 nights before… you saved your frnd from life time embarrassment.. for a wife’s 1 hr mistake.. when she was high.. you are the best a frnd can be..


this girl became one of my best frnds in the group and we never spoke of the incident after that.. 

None of my frnds or their wife’s are in contact with the accuser girl or her husband till today.. I feel sorry for my frnd and girl.. till the evening she accused her.. I always had a good feeling on her.. it’s her guilt that took better of her… 




Vu.... Good story 

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