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Greatest Dance Hits of Indian Cinema


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Some of the songs mentioned here - I have vivid memories. Chiranjeevi's Gang Leader first song - was mind blowing - while he was already known for his dancing - Gang Leader song truly set him apart. Chiru and Prabhu Deva combination was bonkers. 

I remember there was this weekly TV show on Doordarshan called Chitra Lahari. I remember seeing Prabhu Deva in Chiku Buku railey - and dimma tirigi mind block ayyindi aa dance chusthey. Next day school lo evaru nooru vippina aa song gurinchey - evvariki Prabhu Deva evado teliyadu so inka excitement tho vaadi gurinchi inquiries start ayyayi.

Asalu aa songey peaks lo undi anukuntey then came Mukkala song. Prabhu was at his absolute best. Memorable song. 


Hindi lo Hrithik Roshan's debut movie tho top lepadu Ek Pal ka Jeena song tho. It is not simply his dancing, his height, his facial features, his physique - everything blended together so beautifully and it added all that extra zazz to his dance.


And recently RRR naatu naatu song - two of the finest dancers coming from two rival movie families - it was an eye feast.



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