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Calling musali mods


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5 minutes ago, Sucker said:

@psyc0pk @afdb_sai_ @MOD23 @nanibabu

mods thatha lu yennallu ra mee musali lolli. 

Maa diwakarams theddu yeppudu create ayyindhi look at our hungama and traffic there. Meeru meeru official ani cheppukoni pin cheskothame thappa akkada matter ledu. 

Anyway maa diwakarams theddu stronger than ever. Yevado mammalni gurthinchalsina avasaram le maaku meme thops

Diwakarams power next month la chupistham. 



Nee pin gola endi anna just have fun

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8 minutes ago, Pavanonline said:

Aa matram ego lekunda diwakaram ela ayyav anna, cha paruvu teestunnav. Aunties pogadagane intha soft ipotav anukoledu 🙁

Diwakarams ante aa matram vundaale mari. Ego tho aa theddu ni pandabettude work maanesi maree @3$%

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