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Two Telugus are victims in Allen mall shooting


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5 hours ago, jaathiratnalu said:

Hi Guys,

I came to know Two telugus are victim in Allen mall shooting and my friends are looking for Aishwarya Thatikonda she is been victim here and cops are refused to give info .. Got message in one of group 

Hi Everyone,  Aishwarya thatikonda is one of the victim from today shooting incident in Allen.  My friends are trying to trace her in which hospital she is admitted. Cops are trying to refuse to share the details of her because non of us are emergency point of contact to her. We are thinking that her friend might be the point of emergency contact but he is already in emergency care as he is the victim too.  I would request in our group if anyone can find out in which hopistal she is with help of any contacts. That would be really great help   Her friend who was with her was admitted to McKinney Medical but we are still trying find out where she is admitted.   

She is traced and receiving treatment ! 

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44 minutes ago, athili_duvva_combo said:

She is traced and receiving treatment ! 

No bro just now confirmed with some one not yet .

if you have the details , please ping me . I can provide to his cousin 

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48 minutes ago, jaathiratnalu said:

Above is posted news is not true , Known person is at same place she is still not traced out 

 Dallas ABC News. Please email  your contact to [email protected] she will help you

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