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Orey modi velli evadidina baaga ______


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5 minutes ago, Sixers said:

Abonash reddy gadu not even prime accused. Vanni CBI arrest cheyakapothe Modi ni antunnara. Idem logic.

Pulka Logic ani mana Pulka pullayya @manadonga antundey 😃😃

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31 minutes ago, ZoomNaidu said:

Pulka Logic ani mana Pulka pullayya @manadonga antundey 😃😃

Prathi galli caselu sakkaga record chesara leda chillara dongalani pattunkunnara leda anedi Indian PM main job duty anukuntunnara. Ikem panundada.

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44 minutes ago, Android_Halwa said:

Next a minister situation etluntado oksari imagine chesuko…rest of his life that fellow will repent of this actions..

Law enforcement ollani kotti manam emi cheyalem…

Modi and Amit shah threesome lo join avute vadilestaaranta.. @ZoomNaidu

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10 hours ago, manadonga said:

Avinash reddy gadu cbi ni vanikistunadu 

tamilnadu it minister gadu it officers ni vuchha poyinchadu 

inka enduku ra central agencies 

vati paruvu testunaru


endanna central agenies oka comedy ayipoyayi ippudu 


True,cbi ,ed ante bayam lekunda poindhi

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