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USA lo ee athi enti

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Comments lo baaga ragging chestunaru 

I just feel weird about people worship ,  ysr gaadi statues kooda ekkada padithey akkada unnayi andhra lo. They should be removed from public places and kept in private premises


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17 minutes ago, csrcsr said:

Repost anna india aina US aina, gunde(heart) okate kada anna , maa gundela nunda ntr tatha e untadu ani db concluded, thread closed and dusted.

Damn already post padindha…views chusi mana batch chudaledu anukunna

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Ntr fan base purely devotional and ee angle lo choodali antaru . Comedy : ee batch ( TS statue  thread), news matuku Telugu vallu chestunaru antaru.  So ayana telugu jathi daivam antaru 

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7 hours ago, Original Profile said:



California anta…Telugu thammullu andaru ika velli darshanam chesukondi 

1 week aagu…tickets bhi pedatharu 

telugu thammulu iragabadiveltharu..aa money antha tdp election campaign ki funding istharu ..emi sesina oka paddhathi …oka planning 

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