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Need A Suggestion On H1B Transfer..

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Hi Friends,

I got my 1st H1B in Jan 2011 which is about to expire in Oct 2013.I was on project till Oct 2012 and suddenly went to India on emergency due to family reasons.I came back from India during the month of March and since Oct 2012 I don't have project.Either my company is not that aggressive in placing me or else helping me with the pay-stubs .Seriously,I am pissed off with the company and I really need your valuable advice's with the options.


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[quote name='Little Star' timestamp='1372314701' post='1303894815']
em tech bhayya..oct 2012 ante alochinchali sCo_^Y
Right, ilanti posts chuste..bayam vestundi ..anyhow ne tech ento cheppu bhayya...will help if we can

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