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Long flights with multiple stops and flight changes can be hectic. But flying half way around the globe is generally a costly affair only to be negated by opting for connecting flights. Even if it is going to be an unbroken flight plan all the way from the US to India, it can get mentally tiring if you do not have a proper travel companion.

Elders and first time fliers would generally prefer to have someone with them to depend on during the important stages of the flight for a moral support. This is where Sulekha’s TravelIndia site comes into play. It is a one of a kind site that will help in finding a travel companion for you!

So how does this system work?! You post your travel itinerary on the website and it gets listed on the site. Users who are searching for a travel companion will be able to search from the listings based on their travel plan. Also be able to browse through the various listings and then accordingly plan the travel. There is also the option to get in touch with the user who has posted the requirement for a companion.

Once you have finalized on a travel companion you can find the best deals on flight tickets from the US to India on The site helps you find the best quotes and puts you in touch with the most helpful Travel Agents in the US.  All you have to do is provide your destination and tentative flying dates; travel agents will get in touch with you with their best quotes.

You can then compare and choose between the quotes. The advantage is that you can get multiple quotes and also explain in detail your requirement to a Travel Agent directly. There is also attractive Vacation packages that you might want to check out at Sulekha

You can also browse from the best airfare deals at Sulekha and respond to a particular travel package and get quotes. The most popular travel agents in Sulekha are listed in sulekha.

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