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2 hours ago, Life_Is_Learining said:

can somebody throw light on this issue?

vidyarthulani emi cheyyaleru.. 30 rojulu time ichi vere univer maramani cheptharu ledate back vellipomani chepatru.. 100% no prosecutttion.. nenu kooda ade colleegee, ippudu ehh 1 lo unna, intha varaku nnanem evaru contacttt avvaledu..

oka current vidyarthini matram office nundi pattukonipoyi anni backgrroundd checkkulu chesi intiki pampicharu lawyer ni pettuko or swadesaniki vellipo ani chepparanta..

migata valla sangati teliyadu..

bottom line is:

Currentt studentt ayite wait to be contacted by rakshakabatulu, vallu vellipomante vellandi, transferr avvamante mee istam

inthakamundu chadivinavallu: bhavishyathlo eppudu ekkada aa college lo chadivinatlu kaani degreelu smapadinchinatlu kaani pettoddu.. 99.9 % akkada chadivini vallandariki mundi manchi masters undi.. so no problem..

Keep us posted here.

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2 hours ago, mustang302 said:

US feds  vesina vala

bokers ni pattukovadaniki..fraud visa's arikattadaniki..!!

finla ga "khel katham dhukan bandh" 21 mem's arrested and student from that UNIV will be sent back ani AG lo talk...!!

Following a major sting operation carried out by Homeland Security Investigations (a Department of Homeland Security wing, which oversees immigration) on a fraudulent university named University of Northern New Jersey (UNNJ), 10 Indian students were arrested by the US authorities, while nearly 380 students face deportation, including students from China and other countries.

These gullible students who were not aware that the university was being run by federal agents, allegedly got admission in the university which had no instructors or educators, no curriculum, and conducted no classes or education activities, only to procure certification needed for legitimate student and work visas.

The accused students are charged with visa fraud and making false statements, which carry a sentence of 5 years, and H-1B visa fraud and harboring aliens, each carrying 10 years jail term.

The cancellation of non-immigrant student visas of foreign nationals who benefited from the visa racket has already begun and serious offenders may even be arrested and deportation proceedings will be initiated against them.

The Indian Embassy in Washington is in talks with the US government about the accused Indian students and sought a fair treatment for them. In late 2015, US authorities deported hundreds of Indian students in San Francisco from the airport itself. - See more at: http://www.gulte.com/news/48328/Indian-Students-Held-In-US-For-Visa-Fraud#sthash.6H6rbutH.dpuf

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The accused students are charged with visa fraud and making false statements, which carry a sentence of 5 years, and H-1B visa fraud and harboring aliens, each carrying 10 years jail term.


false news.. okadini backgroundddu check chesi vellimonnaru India ki or lawyerni pettukoni statuss kosam fight cheyyamannaru

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see the original here:

The chart below outlines the charges for each defendant. The charges of conspiracy to commit visa fraud and making a false statement each carry a maximum potential penalty of five years in prison and a $250,000 fine. The charges of conspiracy to harbor aliens for profit and H1-B Visa fraud each carry a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison and $250,000 fine.

defendants were brokers and recruiters not students


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22 hours ago, Life_Is_Learining said:

Agraharam ... dialogue from ADURS movie I guess


22 hours ago, aragorn said:

valanee students koda antara alanti uni lo chadivithe _%~


21 hours ago, rrc_2015 said:

No one is safe 


21 hours ago, icecreamZ said:

ee students are already from assam....ee universities kaakapothe....highschools kooda theskovu ee 10+backlog batch ni icecreamZ


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